You can now pay £100 for a version of Far Cry 6 with an expansion Ubisoft is yet to announce

Far Cry 6 fans can now pay £100 for a new ‘Game of the Year Edition’ which includes the Lost Between Worlds expansion.

What is the missing expansion between worlds? That’s a good question – because Ubisoft hasn’t announced it yet. We asked the publisher for more information today.

However, details for Far Cry 6 Year Edition are now available via listings on the Xbox and PlayStation Stores. These note that Lost Between Worlds is ‘Coming Soon’ – so your £100 purchases will give you access as soon as it’s available.

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Stranger Things free add-on for Far Cry 6.

Or, alternatively, you can wait for Ubisoft to officially announce Lost Between Worlds, and you should buy it separately.

If you haven’t tried Far Cry 6 yet, the £100 Game of the Year edition seems like an expensive way to get the game and all the other add-ons released so far.

In addition to the main game and its free add-ons, the Game of the Year Edition bundle also contains DLC packs for the game’s three seasons, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Edition, and the “Ultimate Pack” of in-game add-ons.

“It’s not quite the revolution, but it’s a solid engagement despite everything,” Ian wrote in Eurogamer’s Far Cry 6 review.

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