Woman shares trick to unlock supermarket trolleys without a £1 coin

A woman has shared an easy hack to open a cart from the shops if you don’t have a £1 coin on hand.

It can get annoying when supermarkets ask for a £1 coin to use on a cart, especially if they don’t offer cashback and you need to do a superstore. However, a recent viral clip of the mother-of-three showed that there are alternative ways to unlock buggies.

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The woman who posts on TikTok under the username @tasha3212 has blown the minds of users with her surprising simplicity, writes The Mirror.

She captioned the post: “When a lady shows you what this is at Tesco how do I just learn this?”

Tasha’s simple trick doesn’t require a coin, but you’ll still need some other change.

TikToker shows themselves placing two 20p coins into the slot for a £1 coin, stacking change on top of each other. The cart is launched and Tasha is able to start shopping without the need for a £1 coin.

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The clip has now surpassed 1.4 million views since it was posted, and hundreds are flocking to the comments, with many users stunned by the revelation.

One wrote: “Awesome,” while another added: “Awesome.”

One of them claimed that he always swears about penetration, saying, “My husband and I always do this.”

Some were also eager to share their alternative methods, including a user who claimed: “The pin works too! Used to work on our Farmfoods and badges if inserted correctly while pushed in to open.”

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