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Calls on WhatsApp are a convenient way to connect with your loved ones, but you cannot join a call unless someone adds you. The Meta-owned company has started rolling out a brand new calling feature called Call Links. Users can use this function to join any WhatsApp call by simply clicking on the link (URL).

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Users can do this by creating a link and sending it to their friends, family, and other participants in the call. The video calling features of WhatsApp Call Links are comparable to those offered by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

The best thing about using call links for call invites is that participants who are not in your contact list can join the call without the administrator having to memorize their phone number. But unlike apps that are likely to enable video call conferencing, WhatsApp will need to be downloaded so you can use the contact links to make the call. The contact link can be created from the Calls tab.

The option for contact links is currently being rolled out for some users and may take a few days or a week to expire, according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. In addition, he revealed that the WhatsApp development team is testing securely encrypted video calls for up to 32 individuals and that more information on this will be released soon.

Steps to create contact links on WhatsApp:

  • Update your WhatsApp app by browsing the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Go to the Calls tab in the WhatsApp app after opening it.
  • The Create Connection Link option will only be available if you have access to this feature.
  • By selecting “Create Connection Link”, WhatsApp will generate a connection link to share with other users.
  • You have to copy the link and put it in the chat window of the desired contacts.

The new contact links functionality is not particularly important, although it can be useful if you want to avoid adding callers manually. You simply send the link, and others who get it can join the call.

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