What Is Emotional Detachment? Psychologist Explains How It Harms Mental Health

Emotional well-being is an essential part of a person’s overall health. People who are in good emotional health can take charge of their emotions and handle life’s setbacks with ease. However, there are times when people find themselves unable to deal with their own feelings or those of others. This condition is called emotional detachment. Emotional detachment is not always harmful but it can be disastrous when someone cannot control it. There are many instances in childhood that must have triggered people to emotionally detach but go unnoticed. According to psychologist Emily Sander of California, these are the events in which children feel emotionally detached.

Children are taught to be okay when they are upset. They are taught not to express their suffering, which can be detrimental to their emotional well-being.

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They have to focus on caring for their parents’ feelings. Although there is nothing wrong with that, people should not forget to prioritize their aspirations as well.

They don’t see healthy emotional expressions at home. There is a possibility that emotionally detached adults may see family members suppress their emotions.

They are punished for expressing themselves emotionally. People who are scolded for expressing themselves emotionally grow up with feelings of guilt. This feeling of remorse eventually leads to emotional detachment.

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Along with these and many other tips, Emily also penned a note for those who have not yet learned to express their feelings. Detachment is survival, the note reads. Many adults are still learning how to regulate, express and manage their emotions because they were not taught these skills as children.

If you’re one of those adults, you’re not alone, you’re not weird, broken, or hopeless. Your feelings are survivable, and there is room in the world for you and your feelings.”

Social media users appreciated Emily for sharing these kind words. They recounted that they were shamed for expressing their feelings.

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