What has changed in Cyberpunk 2077 since launch? Comprehensive list

What has changed in Cyberpunk 2077 since launch?  Comprehensive list

This article was republished on 9/22.

Cyberpunk 2077 is experiencing something of a renaissance on the back of the release of Cyberpunk Edgerunners on Netflix, along with the accompanying patch and sale. Many people are returning to the game or trying it for the first time since its launch. And they may all have a common question.

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What exactly has changed in Cyberpunk 2077 since its release?

We just hit patch 1.6 with the release of the Edgerunners update, but there were many, many updates before that. I thought it would be wise to keep track of what has changed over the past couple of years or so, although I don’t dig into every bug and performance fix. Suffice to say, there have been thousands upon thousands of bugs squashed, and the game’s performance on all platforms is better than it used to be. The game now also has versions dedicated to the current generation console, which were not there when it was released.

So, what has changed? Let’s go through the spots:

Correction 1.1

This patch was almost entirely emergency “firefighting” fixes for mission progress errors and performance issues. This also fixed the issue with saving files that eventually became too large and corrupted. Also infamous feet the new A bug where you’d get stuck in the Takamura quest, which was eventually fixed.

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Correction 1.2

This was a huge patch, with 8000 words of patch notes, which was again 99% fixes, and the word “fix” appeared 274 times in the patch notes. But there have been some changes in the game.

  • The police will now spread farther away when called instead of directly above you.
  • Damage of gorilla arms has been refined by 20%.
  • The cost of the item for which feature points are to be reset has been reduced.
  • You can now craft multiple items at once, and some costs have been reduced.
  • An NPC will not remain frozen in fear in the heat of combat.
  • Delmain no longer contacts you frequently if you are in the area where he is running a mission.
  • The car controls have been improved and you can now separate your car by the control option.

Correction 1.3

This arrived in August of 2021, and started adding more fan-requested changes to the game.

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  • GPS is now more compact so you don’t miss turns often and can better see where you’re going.
  • You can now reallocate your Perk Points more easily and with less money.
  • Higher difficulty levels increased the detection of enemies for players, making their search for them even more powerful.
  • A new visual mod has been added that allows you to become invisible.
  • Adam Smasher drops actual loot when killed.
  • NPCs are no longer hiding in lairs when surrounded by them.
  • The vehicles will beep and drive around the V instead of just crashing into you.
  • NPCs now have a moribund animation connected to the Short Circuit quickhack.
  • NPCs will not squat over each gunshot.
  • NPCs will no longer randomize the appearance when you look away from them and come back.
  • Legendary clothing charts are now permanently available in stores.
  • You can now double jump during phone calls.
  • You can now quickly climb or slide down the stairs.
  • The fragments are now in the correct categories.
  • Judy will now leave a gift in your apartment after she texts you on a post-romance mission.

This patch also brought with it the game’s first “free DLCS”:

  • Two jackets from you that you find in your hideout.
  • Rogue’s Quartz Bandit if you’re by her side during the Panam mission.
  • A different (worse) search for Johnny you can turn on or off in the start menu.

patch 1.31

This was a relatively minor patch that brought with it some fixes from the larger version 1.3, but this was the patch where I really started noticing a visual shift in the game, with specific improvements made to wet/reflective surfaces.

patch 1.5

This was a pretty huge patch in February 2022 to release the game on next-gen consoles that were so big, they skipped 1.4 entirely.

  • They have completely reworked many aspects of the utility tree, removed useless perks and refined or changed other aspects. They refunded everyone’s points so they could breathe.
  • They drastically changed the whole concept of throwing knives, they no longer make it so you literally had to go and pick up the knife again, but make the knife automatically come back to your hand, with better knives coming back more quickly.
  • They’ve overhauled many aspects of the combat AI to make enemies smarter to fight, and to hide more often.
  • Driving has been further improved with improved braking, handling, cornering and the ability to do fatigue.
  • Crowd AI has been updated as now not all pedestrians will behave the same, some will run away, some will fight, some will panic and their cars crash into things.
  • The installers now have a task counter so you can see when all of their gigs are up. Each of them gives you a special reward upon completion of their series of missions, usually a weapon or a car, which you can find in your home.
  • The entire economy was rebalanced, offering more cash rewards, and making cars and guns cheaper.
  • New weapons have been added in this patch that you can buy or find in the wild.
  • You can change your appearance in the mirror for the first time since launch.
  • You can now buy several apartments across the city, four in total.
  • Love interests are fully fleshed out with more text conversations and the ability to wake up next to them when you sleep at your place or theirs.

patch 1.6

And this is the last update released by Edgerunners. This is also the last update to be released for the last generation consoles, as future devices will be next generation / PC only.

  • A new mission related to the show that ends with you receiving David’s jacket from the series.
  • New weapons hidden around the map are out of view, and other weapons, both guns and melee, now available to find or purchase in-game.
  • Three whole new vehicles from two different mediums in two regions on the map, the game’s first real new missions since its release.
  • Full appearance customization is finally available, allowing you to change almost everything about you in Ripperdocs.
  • Transmog, where you can dress up your sturdy stuff and refinish the saved look you create from your wardrobe in one of your apartments.
  • Added cross progression through cloud saving between console and PC.
  • REDmod was launched to help install and manage mods on PC.

I tried to be as comprehensive as I could here, though I know I missed a few things. Again, this doesn’t include the thousands of fixes and performance improvements that made up most of these patches, but rather the long list of additions and changes you’ll feel in the game. Or if it’s your first time, it’s an indication of what wasn’t there before. enjoy.

Update (9/22): Some developments since this was posted, as players are heading into the game to see all these changes Significantly Increase her total play count. CDPR released a post saying that 1 million players per day have been playing Cyberpunk 2077 for a week, which is a huge total for the game again, is single player and has been out for nearly two years now. You just don’t see it.

After that, the interest doesn’t seem to be fading away yet. Yesterday, Wednesday, we saw Cyberpunk 2077 beat its simultaneous re-emergence record for the number of players it had previously set last Sunday, during the height of the anime hype. The fact that the total number of players is still rising means that more and more people are returning to the game or grabbing it for sale, and that rise is far from over. Next weekend could be even bigger. I was already expecting a slowdown, but that’s not what the data shows.

Some people have asked me if I think this new increase will change CDPR’s plans for Cyberpunk 2077 going forward, such as will they green-light a second DLC that they were originally planning, but have since canceled in favor of only one release next year. It’s possible, but I’d say it’s still not likely, as these decisions have to be made really, really very early, and I don’t know if CDPR is willing to change their entire workforce to accommodate that (the majority are currently working on their first DLC, and it will take from the majority of The studio is back, instead of moving to The Witcher 4). However, I think this will speed up plans for more non-gaming Cyberpunk content, including the second season of Edgerunners, and also a true Cyberpunk sequel for years from now.

For the current state of the game, as I said, I think a clean slate, fresh gameplay would be the right choice. There are several changes made over the past couple of years that you might miss if you just loaded an old save. I also forgot to talk about the future changes they said about them will I’ll be coming to the game in a future patch, although whether it’s a pre-DLC patch or a DLC patch itself, I’m not clear on it. These upcoming changes will be:

  • Overhaul of the police system in the game. Although the game has done things like deploy the police away, this looks like it would be a complete rework of the system, and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t like GTA.
  • Actual vehicle combat. We may have gotten a taste of it at the new party in this patch that has a car chase sequence on the rails, but I hope future versions of this will be a lot freer.
  • Changes in melee combat and new perks. The combative combat is fairly mundane and frankly, and somewhat overpowered, so I’d be curious to see what changes are made here.
  • New, more extreme software. We’ve only gotten some very small upgrades in the Cyberware department after all this time like optical camouflage. I would like more upgrades that you can actually see on your body, such as arm upgrades. Nothing else does that though.

However, these changes won’t be available to everyone, as version 1.6 is the latest update for Xbox One and PS4 players, who also won’t get DLC next year. Whatever CDPR plans from here, they ended up trying to accommodate last-generation consoles, which caused many problems at launch, and likely hinder some of the things they want to do in the future. However, it’s not great that these systems had the hardest time in the beginning, and now they won’t even get the DLC fans have been waiting for for two years now. I think sacrifices must be made.

I also keep waiting for the addition of one big one that never seems to arrive, New Game Plus, which has been cited as a technical challenge to implement given how the game is built, although it’s something pretty standard for most other single-player games to be released or fixed. by the time. They say they’ll have to rebalance the difficulty of the entire game based on that, but we’ll see if they get to it. Then, I think we’ve finally come up with most of the extras that major fans have been asking for. I think the game needs more non-fan-made outfits, and the ability to see the dreaded mini-map icons when you’re on a fast travel stop. Other than that, it really added a lot of things I wanted to see, most recently the transmitter, and it’s a great system in practice.

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