We tried one of Hull’s top-rated brunch places where you won’t find a fry-up on the menu

We tried one of Hull's top-rated brunch places where you won't find a fry-up on the menu

On a lazy Sunday there’s nothing better than sleeping in followed by treating yourself to brunch and we were determined to try somewhere else.

Marla’s Sandwich Shop on Princes Avenue has only five stars on TripAdvisor and offers breakfast and brunch on Sundays from 9am to 3pm. Brunch would be a greasy fry-up for most, which you can get at any cafe in town and good ones too, but this was nowhere to be found on Marla’s menu.

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Instead, you’ll find a menu made up of unconventional items like halloumi, broccoli, chimichurri, and olives. Curious about how these ingredients would do on a breakfast plate, we ordered a “Marla’s Breakfast” and the cinnamon French toast.

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When we walked into the small cafe there were less than ten tables inside, with a few outside as well. We easily got a table just by walking in around noon and the cozy atmosphere was perfect for a real catch up where you can really hear yourself think.

One of the waitresses was happily chatting with a customer about what to do in Hull when we entered, while another waitress welcomed us warmly. We sat down at a table at the back and were presented with a very interesting menu with lots of quirky dishes to choose from.

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I chose the cinnamon French toast served with Greek Yogurt, house jam and syrup. My brunch companion went for the “Marla’s Breakfast,” which consisted of smoked bacon, fried egg, halloumi, grilled peppers, house chimichurri, dill cream cheese, toasted flatbread, and olives.

Cinnamon French toast and Marla’s breakfast

Not too long after ordering the beautiful plates arrived and were presented very aesthetically. After the obligatory photo shoot with our meals, we dug in.

The cinnamon toast was wonderfully soft inside with the perfect crispy cinnamon crust on the outside. The raspberries and yogurt had a light flavor that went perfectly with the syrup on the side. It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, which I appreciated.

My brunch companion, who ordered Marla’s breakfast, slid into the dish and cleared the plate. The portion size was perfect for filling, but not too much.

My friend commented that he is usually not a fan of olives at all, but he ate them all on the plate. The egg was also perfectly cooked with a runny yolk but a firm white.

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Marla's sandwich shop on Princes Avenue
Marla’s sandwich shop on Princes Avenue

The food, service and atmosphere were completely faultless. The bill was a bit pricey at £25 for two breakfasts and two drinks but I believe it was totally worth it.

There are many great breakfast places in Hull and many would cost less, but the kind of food you get here would be hard to find anywhere else. If you’re up for being a little quirky and adventurous to try a new kind of brunch, I’d definitely recommend it.

The cozy atmosphere and friendly service ensure that you can enjoy your lazy Sunday at your leisure. It’s also a plus to support a local business with real talent on Princes Avenue.

Overall, Marla’s is an asset to the city. I will definitely return at some point in the near future, but maybe just after payday!

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