Water shoots into the sky after water leak near Morrisons store in Tavistock

Water shoots into the sky after water leak near Morrisons store in Tavistock

Gallons upon gallons of water were shot into the air when a massive gushing geyser caught the attention of the locals of Tavistock this morning.

The jet of water near Morrison’s superstore in Plymouth Road could be seen by residents across the city and many took to social media to report the unexpected fountain display.

Tavistock resident Jo Wright said she and her family, husband Sam and son Jude, woke up to see the massive column of water from their home, nearly half a mile away.

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She said: “We thought we were in another country – it was like seeing a huge geyser erupt in Iceland.

“Tavistock’s Facebook page was full of comments, people were joking about going down and having their cars washed for free or showered for free. Of course with the recent drought and water supply concerns there was a lot of serious comments about wasted water too. ”

A shot of the gushing geyser of water from a broken main, captured from the nearby Tavistock . car park

A South West Water spokesperson said: “We were alerted to a water leak in a field by Morrisons in Tavistock around 7:30 am today and discovered a problem with an air valve on the water mains.

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“Our teams stopped the leak at 8.30am and the full repair was completed by 11am.

“No customer deliveries were affected during this period.”


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