Watch as group of cyclists are scattered across the road after car clips a rider – but who was in the wrong?

A GROUP of cyclists were scattered on the road after a car hit them and drove away.

Shot in Newcastle, Australia, the video was filmed in 2018 and shows how dangerous it can be to drive on the road.


The cyclists rode side by side on the busy main road in AustraliaCredit: Newsflare

It’s all captured on a rear-facing camera attached to the saddle of one of the riders in the group.

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At least eight riders are seen in the shot, riding on the side of a main road with a 90 km/h speed limit.

The riders will ride two abreast on the left side of the white line – although they are very close to it.

After just a few seconds, a gray Honda looms up from behind the riders and is clearly very close to them with its lane position.

It misses several riders, but crushes the cyclist’s arm in front of the shot, his hand in the air and his wheel to the side.

The rider goes down and takes the rider to his left, before the rest of the riders pile up over the top.

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A description on the original footage reads: “Club group ride was rudely interrupted one fine morning by an apparently inattentive driver in a 90 km/h zone.

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“Luckily no one was seriously injured. Two were taken to hospital for examination/treatment and a couple of bikes had some rashes, but oooooooh what luck.”

But which side are you on? Some people have pointed out that the cyclists were too close to the white line, while others think it’s all down to the driver.

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About an upload of the video to Youtube, MightyRoos said: “It’s a straight road with a clear view. It’s not hard to miss the group of cyclists.

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“How anyone can defend the motorist is beyond me.”

While Alto Burger said: “Great job by the driver of the car.

“No doubt he/she is fried by law, but he/she took one for the team.

“Maybe cyclists will stop being such t****rs now and ride in one row and far off the road.”

Police confirmed that the driver was fined $464 (£270) and lost three penalty points.

A gray Honda Civic crashes into the arm of one of the riders, causing chaos


A gray Honda Civic crashes into the arm of one of the riders, causing chaosCredit: Newsflare
A pile-up ensues and one of the riders scrambles to get off the road


A pile-up ensues and one of the riders scrambles to get off the roadCredit: Newsflare
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