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Hutano Medicals’ telehealth platform will provide convenient, high-quality virtual healthcare for everyone, promoting cost-effective healthcare services provided by well-experienced medical professionals who specialize especially in the mental health and wellness sector. This service will be provided for the healthcare needs of companies and individuals.

Objective and message

Our aim is to create a virtual telehealth platform that addresses the current gaps within the UK healthcare system. Currently, many people are struggling with access to basic healthcare services due to the backlog of work pressure on the NHS. For many, this was extremely frustrating and disappointing to say the least. Our main aim is to address the gaps within communities when it comes to accessing healthcare in the UK. We also aim to provide a virtual platform where clients get the best services and experience through highly qualified and specialized medical professionals.

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Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of all and especially those in the mental health community, by providing the best and most affordable telehealth services in the UK.

Why this project

The corollary of the pandemic and lockdown has led to a significant reduction in access to healthcare and an increase in the adoption of digital healthcare across the UK. The NHS can barely handle appointments, and this has resulted in a huge backlog of time when one can see a doctor. Pandemic restrictions mean patients cannot have a face-to-face consultation with a doctor. Also, international travelers who arrived in the UK struggled to get medical care in the UK which is often very expensive due to their visas and other restrictions.

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Telemedicine has been a game-changing factor in the health industry since the outbreak of the pandemic, and telemedicine is a rapidly growing online technology that the private sector is benefiting from to provide quick and easy access to increase the long waiting times and appointments that are hardly available with the NHS. The demand for health services in England is increasing and changing in nature, but resources are limited in their ability to respond to the scale and scope of the need. Hutano Medicals has joined the telemedicine innovation marketplace to respond to the challenges faced by the NHS, and to help provide value for money and efficient and effective services.

Target market and opportunity

The use of telemedicine is driven by consumers seeking to take advantage of technologies that can improve their health and quality of life and healthcare systems interested in providing quality services at a reduced budget. Our telemedicine system has been designed in a new way, with the goal of delivering improved and affordable care.

UK digital market statistics forecast revenue in the digital health market to reach $3.78 billion in 2022. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 9.25%, resulting in an expected market size of 5.39 billion US dollars by 2026.

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Recently, we have seen that the shift to telemedicine by most private healthcare providers persists. There are not many people who need private health services because of the readily available NHS. However, given the dynamics of healthcare in the UK mainly due to staff shortages, there is such as to be more involvement in telemedicine. We aim to overcome this by developing a specialized and customized service model focused on customer service and service experience. We also provide services to many sectors of the healthcare sector where we will operate and centralize our business structure.

Focus on investing in the fund

  • The investments are purely equity and will be drilled over a period, to allow management to reach the milestones set in its business model, releasing more of the fund’s capital.
  • The investment will help strengthen the company to capture more market share for private healthcare services. The fund will be 100% UK focused and will be used to build a platform dedicated to engaging clients with our healthcare providers. A portion of the investment will also be used to cover marketing and other related expenses.

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