US Embassy ‘sacks’ its own diplomat as it trolls England ahead of crunch World Cup match 

‘Few things are more important than diplomacy’: the US embassy expels its diplomats as they tour England ahead of the World Cup match.

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An official at the US Embassy has been “sacked” for supporting England ahead of the confrontation between the two countries at the World Cup in Qatar this evening.

The US Embassy in London released a cheeky video of their spokesperson with his desk adorned with England crests as the Three Lions continue their World Cup campaign.

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The official Twitter account of the US Embassy in London jokingly announced that he was expelled ahead of tonight’s England v USA match.

A video posted online shows diplomat Aaron Snape in an English scarf and T-shirt with his office draped in flags and bunting.

A colleague tells him, “HR called. They want to see you upstairs now.”

The video posted to the US Embassy London’s Twitter account shows Aaron Snape’s office covered in English flags and the word “traitor” stuck to the wall outside.

A colleague appears, telling him to get rid of his English clothes and shirt before the embassy expels him

A colleague appears, telling him to get rid of his English clothes and shirt before the embassy expels him

Then another official said to him, “Look, man, I don’t know why I need to be the one to remind you but you’re American.”

You work at the US Embassy. You can’t be rooting for England.

I’m going to need you to take off that adornment, take off this shirt and I don’t want to call you here again.

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Mr. Snipe then says “Okay, good chat” before walking off and taking off his England shirt, revealing the England jersey underneath.

The US Embassy shared the new video online with the caption: ‘We are sad to announce the departure of our spokesperson Aaron Snape – but few things are more important than diplomacy.

Come to Team USA!

This isn’t the first time Mr. Snape has expressed his support for the English football team he has adopted. Celebrate the victory of the Lionesses at the European Women’s Championship this summer with another video.

Mr Snape told MailOnline at the time that the clip was the brainchild of two members of the British embassy’s social media team, with the help of two other American colleagues.

“Obviously we are huge, big fans of English football at the Embassy,” he said.

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