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Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mysterious Queen

9pm, BBC Two

“Agatha Christie’s childhood is haunted by an evil ghost—a gunman and fictional character who haunts her dreams and her home… Evil is an everlasting presence.” Lucy Worsley sure knows how to rope you in with a great historical story. In this three-part series, she brings her latest biography of the enigmatic and elusive queen of crime to the screen, through dramatic acting, expert interviews and the writer’s infectious passion. Holly Richardson

The unreported world

7.30pm, Channel 4

For underground artists in the Gaza Strip, simply putting on a play or going to the cinema can be an appalling risk due to Hamas censorship. Reporter Jonathan Miller meets a man bravely determined to restore an old cinema to its former glory – even as Palestinian cinemas are branded “dens of pornography” and burned. Ali Caterall

The big game

9 p.m., Sky Atlantic

Francesco Montanari as Corso Mane in The Great Game
Francesco Montanari as Corso Mane in The Great Game. Photo: Sky Italia / 2021 Federica Di Benedetto / Sky UK

It’s still early days for this Italian drama about a disgraced football agent with scores to settle, but it’s both suspenseful and exhilarating. Corso Mani (Francesco Montanari) may have the appearance of a theatrical hypnotist but he keeps an enviable communication book. Can he get a sneaky favor with the fickle striker Quintana (ex-footballer Jesús Mosquera Bernal)? Grace Graeme

last stop

10 p.m., Channel 4

Richard Ayoade – still busy promoting his new children’s book – joins Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe, and Alex Brooker. The Qatar World Cup and other big issues of the week were also dominated by comedian Suzanne Wukuma. HR

The Graham Norton Show

10.40pm, BBC One

Bond, Nanny McPhee, and Magneto join Graham tonight. Daniel Craig, Emma Thompson, and Ian McKellen take a seat, along with Mastermind host Clive Merry, and comedian John Bishop. Charlie Puth took to the stage to perform his loser single. Sammy Gexler

Narsty’s Big Show

11.05 p.m., Channel 4

Former striker Adebayo Akinfenwa is the perfect guest for Mo Gilligan and Big Narsti in this big week of football. They were joined by comedian Joel Dummett, martial artist Samuraider, actor Dennis Van Outen, and lawwoman Brenda Edwards. HR

Movie selection

A Bridge in Time... Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson Meet Nice, 2022.
A Bridge in Time… Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson Meet Nice, 2022. Photo: Landmark Media/Alami

Nice meet, Prime Video

Alex Lehmann’s new film is less of a rom-comedy and more of a romdrama, as Kaley Cuoco’s suicidal Sheila uses a time machine to recapture her perfect first date with Gary (Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson in straight man mode) and stave off her despair. There are notes for Before Sunrise and It’s a Wonderful Life in which the story shifts turbulently between dark comedy and melancholy. But you really should watch this one for the much-loved Cuoco – on a roll after The Flight Attendant – who brings a slightly acidic sense of humor and a seriously vulnerability to her character. Simon Wardle

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