Trump asks to head up group to negotiate with Putin in response to Nord Stream leaks

Donald Trump has offered his services to “lead a group” to help international leaders resolve the geopolitical quagmire that was unleashed after the discovery of a gas leak in major Russian gas pipelines to Europe.

The Swedish Maritime Authority said on Tuesday it issued a warning after learning of leaks on the Russian-owned Nord Stream 1 pipeline in Swedish and Danish waters, shortly after another line was found in the nearby Nord Stream 2 project.

There are two leaks on Nord Stream 1 – one in the Swedish Economic Zone and one in the Danish Economic Zone. A spokesperson for the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) told Reuters they are very close to each other.

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While the cause of the leaks remains unclear, European leaders have begun to float the idea that Russian interference could be the cause.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called the events an “act of sabotage”, while Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said on Tuesday it was clear the leaks were caused by “deliberate actions” and “cannot rule out” sabotage after the leaks were discovered.

The former US president took these accusations a step further and predicted that the spillover effects of the natural gas leaks could lead to “war” and later offered his own experience to negotiate between Russian President Vladimir Putin and European leaders to prevent any unnecessary escalation.

“This could lead to a major escalation, or war!” The one-term president warned in a post early Wednesday morning on the Truth Social. US ‘DRIVING’ MUST STAY COOL, QUIET AND DRY ON SABOTAGE in Nord Stream pipelines. This is a big event that shouldn’t involve a big solution, at least not yet, he wrote, before noting that “the Russian/Ukrainian catastrophe should never have happened, and certainly would not have happened if I had been president.”

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Donald Trump posted on the Truth Social Wednesday morning warning that escalating tensions over the Nord Stream gas leak could lead to ‘war’

(Social Truth / Donald Trump)

“Don’t make things worse with the pipeline blown up. Be strategic, be smart (cool!), and negotiate a deal now. Both sides need it and want it.” The whole world is at stake. I will lead the group. “

Donald Trump posted to the Truth Social Wednesday morning to suggest that he “heads up a group” negotiating between Russia and European countries affected by the Nord Stream gas leak.

(Social Truth / Donald Trump)

Although the Nord Stream 2 pipeline never worked, Nord Stream 1 was carrying gas to Germany until earlier this month, when Russian energy giant Gazprom cut supplies, claiming urgent maintenance was needed to fix key components.

And the German news agency reported that both pipelines, although not delivering gas to the European continent, are still full of gas.

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During his tenure in the Oval Office, and continuing in the years since his departure, Trump has repeatedly boasted of his close relationship with the Russian president, and most recently boasted in the spring that he knew him “well.”

Despite the ongoing Moscow-led invasion of Ukraine, the president has been talking about Mr. Putin in glowing terms.

Speaking to conservative radio hosts Buck Sexton and Clay Travis in February, Trump said, “I went yesterday and there was a TV screen, and I said, ‘This is genius.’ , that’s cool. “

One day after making those statements, one state president double Although he was heavily criticized for describing the invader commander as “smart”.

“They say, Trump said Putin is smart.” I mean, he’s taking over a country for two dollars in penalties. I would say this is very clever. He’s taking over a country — really a vast, vast site, a big piece of land with lots of people, and just walking inland,” he said while addressing a crowd at his Mar-a-Lago home for a fundraiser.

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