This 512GB micro SD card from SanDisk is half price at Amazon today

SanDisk has been one of the most reliable producers of storage drives in recent years, whether it’s a handy USB memory stick or a traditional SD card.

The most popular form of digital storage that people deal with these days is micro SD cards thanks to their ubiquity. At the moment this SanDisk micro SD card with a whopping 512GB of storage is currently selling for just £35 from Amazon. This is half the retail price, and one of the best SD card deals we’ve seen this Black Friday season. And it’s even better for our American readers with Amazon US slashed 60 percent to just $39.99. This is an exceptional price for an accessory that is almost a necessity for many of us.

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The SanDisk Ultra micro SDXC card has a Class 10 rating, with transfer speeds of up to 150MB per second. That’s a lot for all devices that can handle this thing, including digital cameras and Full HD footage recorders. In fact, it comes with a full size SD card adapter so you can use it in devices that take standard size SD cards like cameras.

These speeds will also come in handy when it comes to playing games as well. It will work perfectly with Nintendo Switch and also to store games for your portable Steam Deck. Many laptops, especially consumer and non-gaming ones, can increase storage space with just SD or micro SD cards, so you can save plenty of games and media and take them with you. With a capacity that matches the solid-state drives (SSDs) of many laptops, you’ll avoid the pain of filling it up too quickly. Plus, if you’re using an Android phone, this will work seamlessly with the range of phones that support storage expansion using micro SD cards.

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SD cards often go on sale during Black Friday, and we’ve created a guide to the early deals available, if you want something smaller. And make sure you follow us on jelly deals on Twitter. We always post deals on discounted items throughout the day from many trusted retailers.

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