These 4 global car communities are doubling as mental health support groups

One of Caffeine and Machine’s I Love You, Man nights.

Initially hosted by McGovern and Macken, the pair relinquished their hosting duties to, er, me, spend the evenings interviewing a guy connected to the automotive world about their lives — both ups and downs — then answer questions from the audience. . Guests included Richard Porter, Julian Thomson, Ian Callum, The KYZA, George North, Vanessa Ruck and many more, each bringing vulnerability and openness to the assembled crowd. I Love You, Man is unrecorded which means guests can be a little more honest than they would be with a mic to their face.

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McGovern knows the nights have helped people directly: “The conversations we have with our community before, during and after every event are proof of that. It’s one of the most satisfying elements of why we’re hosting the event and why we’re so eager to develop the platform and help as many people as possible based on the stories we love to hear.”

There is no entry barrier for the nights, other than a ticket price that goes to the guest’s charity of choice. You are welcomed, whoever you are. Macken adds: “We have many groups of friends who choose to meet at our ILYM evenings, but also many people who come alone. We are immensely proud of the fact that so many people are willing to visit alone and that the environment we create is so welcoming that they feel comfortable enough to do so.”

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I Love You, Man’s evenings may tell one story at a time, but it gives the audience a clear, recognizable picture of the person on the couch.

Sometimes sitting and listening doesn’t help, getting out and driving can help. Macken said: “For many people, cars are an escape. Taking a ride, whether with friends or alone, is an opportunity for us to clear our heads and enjoy the journey. It can also be a sensory experience.” Depending on what you drive, the touch, feel, smell and sense of freedom you get when you get in the car is unlike anything else.”

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