The vast warehouse full of former stock a Welsh auction house is selling off for a fraction of the price

It looks like a scene out of an Indiana Jones movie when a dangerous ancient treasure is locked in a wooden chest and taken to a warehouse filled floor to ceiling with plenty of other secret items.

But these chests will be opened and people will be allowed to buy their contents. The Welsh auction house will sell £40m worth of shares after its collapse. The vast majority of the stock will be sold at John Pye Auctions in Port Talbot before Christmas.

The auction house said officials had instructed it to sell all of the company’s UK inventory. She had been expecting more than 30,000 items from the high-end store, which will go online the weekend of November 25.

Auctions will be held several days a week in the run-up to Christmas and into the New Year. The auction house has confirmed that all auctions will be online and people will be able to bid on an exclusive selection of brand new items for every room in the house and garden. You can get more shopping news and other story updates straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletters here.

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The stock will be sold in series at online auctions

Warehouse full of former inventory to be sold by John Pye Auctions
People will be able to view the inventory on Saturday, November 26th

New items will be added every week and will give everyone the chance to get premium stock at a fraction of the retail cost. John Pye’s weekly auctions will contain:

  • Sofas, side cabinets and TV units
  • Beds and bedding
  • tables and chairs
  • Kitchen and cooking utensils
  • Soft furnishings (covers, pillows, and curtains)
  • Artwork, decorative objects and more

To participate, you can register your interest at You can view the items at auction on Saturday, November 26th, though all inventory is in like-new condition. There will be a guaranteed home delivery option within 2 days of purchase.

Official PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) said there will be 399 jobs lost at Most of these will be redundant. CEO Nicola Thompson previously apologized to customers affected by business bankruptcies, adding that the company “fought with all its might” to avoid it. The retailer has sourced furniture directly from designers and manufacturers and has gained a loyal base of younger customers. Last year, it was worth £775m.

However, the company has been left struggling as the cost of living crisis has forced consumers to cut back on their spending. Global supply chain issues also had an impact as customers were left waiting months for deliveries.

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