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You make a list and check it twice. Santa comes to town and he’s loaded with presents, but there’s always room for a few more…

Christmas is a time for sharing – and whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, there’s little doubt that technology will be on your gift list. But in a world where there are 15 different options associated with each model, how do you decide which technology will be the next iPhone and which will be the next Nokia N-Gage? What will still be in use next summer and how do you make sure you don’t spend your hard-earned cash on something that will sit unloved in the back of a closet once 2023 arrives?

WIRED’s team of experts got together to put together their wish list of gadgets and tech they’re asking Santa to put under their trees on Christmas Day, from dazzlingly ambitious to reasonably priced and practical.

Omega Speedmaster X-33 Mars timer

At £6,000 this might be more Wish with a capital W, but there’s no denying that the Marstimer is a thing of beauty. It is the latest high-end digital watch from Omega, one of the most loved brands in chronological technology, and features smartly integrated smartwatch functionality, as well as quartz-driven time and functions for locations both on Earth and Mars. If you’ve ever wanted to know what time it is on the Red Planet, now you can – while wearing a strikingly stylized 45mm piece of titanium on your wrist.

Piaggio 1 electric moped

Moped snobs may turn their noses up at anything that isn’t a Vespa, but the Piaggio 1 electric combines great style, performance and value, making it a shoo-in for our list. At just £2,500 it’s an absolute bargain – indeed, it’s actually cheaper than many e-pedal bikes, while delivering the thrills and throttle you’d expect from a moped. The removable lithium-ion battery goes from empty to full in just six hours and is good enough for 800 cycles, meaning it’s an ideal candidate for commuting while looking cool.

Eufy HomeVac H11

Home appliances don’t always top people’s Christmas lists, but they’re undeniably useful — not least for helping with that New Year’s resolution to swear you’ll keep the house tidier. At £32.99 this portable home vacuum cleaner won’t break the bank enough that you’ll regret buying it while you’re in misery in February, but weighing in at 1.2lbs and boasting a suction power of 5,500 Pa, this USB-rechargeable gem might just convince you to keep the resolution going.

De’Longhi Magnifica coffee maker

However, one resolution you will happily keep is to drink better coffee. Avoid the to-go concoctions of the chain cafes and make your own craft pick-me-up with this surprisingly powerful machine, priced at £398. The De’Longhi’s automatic bean-to-cup functionality means you can make even the most complicated drink order in an instant, thanks to one-touch operation – no barista expertise required.

Apple gift card

From Apple Watch to AirPods, Apple has a brilliant gadget for every occasion, which can make it a bit of a challenge to choose just the right one to give as a gift. Apple Gift Card puts an end to this conundrum as it allows them to buy the item they really want – and if there is any value left on the card, it can be easily spent on apps, games and content, including their favorite shows on Apple TV+. Buy now.

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