The Advantages of Gaming Online

-For the first couple of decades of the gaming industry's existance, it seemed that consoles were
both the present and the future. PCs tended to fall by the wayside as major game development
studios preferred to launch tangible games for consoles like the SNES and then, later, the Sony
PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.
The mainstream integration of internet technology, however, had a way of levelling the playing
field. Suddenly, the processing power of the PC had a lot more to offer than the first few
generations of internet-compatible consoles. Of course, digital tech has undergone rapid
transformation since then, and buying and playing physical game cartridges or disks is, as some
in the industry believe, on its last legs.
There’s even a debate about whether more traditional gaming devices like PCs and consoles
have the longevity to keep going decade after decade, particularly since gaming smartphones
and tablets are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.
For the time being, however, both consoles and PCs are here to stay, but there is an
overwhelming consensus about the supremacy of digital gaming. Here are three reasons why
playing games in this format is so beneficial to modern gamers.
A Huge Variety of Games
Regardless of whether you prefer to game using consoles, PCs or even mobiles, the sheer
variety of games that you can access in the online space is truly overwhelming. Log on to one
platform, and you can play poker for free, or hop onto a cloud streaming service and you can
get your hands on the latest MOBA game. No matter what type of genre you prefer to play, you
can literally access a universe of different titles at your fingertips.
While video gaming is a pastime that should be open to anyone, regardless of their socio-
economic background, gender or race, the sad truth is is that gaming hasn’t always been as
inclusive as it should. Thankfully, digital tech has gone some way to addressing that by making
the pastime available to anyone with a connected device.
While there’s still a high cost attached to the purchase of high-end hardware, mobile devices are
relatively inexpensive and can be a great way to play all sorts of gaming apps. Furthermore,
with plenty of free-to-play games available to access in the digital realm on both console and
PC, there are cost-effective methods available to all gamers here in the 21st century.
A Global Community
Another thing about gaming’s early days is that it was largely a solo activity. Yes, there were
several multiplayer games available, but unless you were in the same room as your friends, it
was pretty hard to get that authentic player vs player experience. Digitalisation has globalised
gaming, and now, multipliers feature massive communities of players scattered all over the
Not only does this make the gaming experience that much more enjoyable, but it’s also fostered
a sense of community and socialisation among gamers. In some cases, players who meet in the
virtual worlds of Apex Legends or Rocket League have gone on to develop real-life friendships.

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