Teen stabbed 27 times by gang with machetes in Ellesmere Port

A teenager has been found in a pool of his own blood after being stabbed 27 times by a gang of men with machetes in Ellesmere Harbour. Alfie Hodgin, of Manor Road, Liscard, and Wirral, attempted to run a drug gang and was found on Westminster Road in Ellesmere Harbor on July 14, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Hodgin, 18, was found by police in possession of £2,000 of heroin. Yesterday (October 5) the court heard that he previously worked for Operation County Lines and that the brutal assault was “punishment” after he stole drugs and their phone.

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Police raced into downtown Ellesmere Port around 5.15pm on July 14 this year after Hodgin was found “lying on the floor covered in blood”. Prosecutor Derek Jones told the court that “it is clear that he was seriously assaulted with weapons, believed to be machetes,” reports the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Office.

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Hodgin was taken to hospital with “serious” injuries. He was released two weeks later, but was immediately arrested because he was in possession of £1,220 of heroin and £1,100 of cocaine at the time of his assault.

Police also confiscated £1,208 in cash from the defendant. Next to him was the graft phone – containing dozens of illuminated messages advertising drugs for sale, which had been sent to customers over the previous eight days – on the floor.

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Hodgin, who appeared via a video link to HMP Altcourse wearing a black Under Armor T-shirt and beanie, has 14 previous convictions for 29 offenses. In 2014, he became “one of the youngest people ever to receive an antisocial behavior order” at just 10 years old.

His raps include Theft, Criminal Damage, Assault and ASBO Breach. Hodgin was first imprisoned in 2019 for possession of a clean article in a public place, then was arrested more time behind bars in February 2021 after being caught with drugs, a phone and two “weapons” in his cell.

He was out with a permit at the time of the machetes attack. Defending it, John Waite said: “The defendant accepted that it was originally operated.

“However, I went back on that and told the people who were originally in charge of what they should do themselves. Then he took control of the graft phone and took control of the supply.

“If ever there was a case that made clear, when people fall into debt, the kinds of threats they operate under. As a result, starting to work himself, he was attacked by four men with machetes and suffered 27 stab wounds – a severe wound that led to his hospitalization. for two weeks “.

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Judge Stewart Driver K.S. At this point: “He actually stole the phone and drugs and started spreading them by selling for his own gain. The violence that hit him was revenge for that crime.”

Mr. Weate replied: “That’s the top and bottom. It’s scary to see how dangerous the first-class drug trade is and the consequences for the people who get involved in it on the streets in our country and in our region.”

“Quite easily, this defendant could have been killed as a result of this brutal attack on him. Thankfully, the defendant recovered from it.

“The main relief to him is his age and background. He had a horrible start in life.

“From a young age, perhaps as a child, he was exposed to living in a violent and criminal environment, and he developed a complete distrust of adults and people who might look to his help. He is one of the youngest people to ever receive an order on antisocial behavior, at the age of ten.

“Everything was disrupted by this life experience, which fortunately the vast majority of children do not have to experience. His education was completely and completely disrupted by bad behavior and by other issues that were present in his life.

“A glimmer of hope is a proposal he wants to change. He seems determined to take control of his life and do everything in his power in the future to make sure he never finds himself in this position again.”

Hodgin admitted possessing heroin and cocaine with intent to supply and worrying about heroin and cocaine and was imprisoned for two and a half years. He must also pay an additional fee to the victim, while an order has been issued to confiscate medication and phone.

In the ruling, the judge said: “You were working for others, but then you decided to allocate the controlling phone and drugs and then spread them by selling them for your own gain. The case was aggravated by your criminal record.

“On the other hand, there’s a great deal of relief. First, your age — but also your apparent immaturity, difficult background, and the severe flaws with which you started your life.”

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