‘Superfood’ vegetable can help stave off cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s

Mushroom makers expect it to be the superfood fad of 2023.

Sales are expected to rise as health-conscious people shift in droves to a fungus-based diet.


Mushroom Makers predict mushrooms will be the superfood fad of 2023Credit: Getty

Supplements, extracts, and beverages made from mushrooms are also expected to grow in popularity.

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Advocates say they help ward off serious diseases, including cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

The prediction comes from health store chain Holland & Barrett in a report outlining wellness trends for the coming year.

Mushrooms top the list due to the growing popularity of vegan diets as an important alternative to meat.

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Duckweed, a small floating plant that forms a carpet across puddles and butts of water, is also touted as the superfood of the future.

It is said to be full of protein, vitamins and nutrients and it looks and tastes like spinach.

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Sleep synchronization—tracking your rest and following a sleep schedule with the help of technology—is also expected to become the health trend of the year.

Sea algae, collagen, and CBD were the biggest fads this year.

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