Sunak faces Starmer as Zahawi fights for political future

Nadhim Zahawi believes he has “done nothing wrong,” said a Tory MP who spoke to the Conservative Party chairman yesterday.

Bim Afolami said he spoke with Mr Zahawi in the House of Commons for “quite a long time” during the vote yesterday.

When asked what Mr Zahawi had said, Mr Afolami told TalkTV: “He made it clear, not only to me but also to many other colleagues, that he has not actually done anything wrong.

“It’s typical when people sell businesses that they and their accountant make a judgment about what’s happening, how much tax they owe, they pay that tax and HMRC of course has a right to challenge that and then sometimes there’s a discussion and then it is finally decided.

“That’s what happened, he paid what was owed to him, he didn’t challenge their final determination and he will now have the opportunity to raise his case with the Independent Ministerial Ethics Adviser and that’s actually an important matter.” opportunity, because I’m afraid, look, I love the media dearly, but sometimes it’s in the media’s interest to sensationalize a story that’s really about appropriate payments that may or may not have been made.”

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