Shortland Street – The Podcast: Love is the Best Medicine

Nick and Waverley are well remembered by fans – but are they Shortland Street’s most iconic characters? Photo / Included

Shortland Street’s 30 years are filled with iconic couples, dating back to the early days when Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna’s seeds were first planted.

But which couple is truly the most memorable — and has an on-screen love interest as glamorous and romantic as it appears to the public?

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On today’s episode of Shortland Street – The Podcast, Kura Forrester (Desi) is joined by Zak Martin (Rahu Parata) and Ngahuia Piripi (Esther Samuels) to discuss finding love in Ferndale, and why it’s actually a little complicated could be.

Forrester brought up the fact that many relationships only last for a certain amount of time, and as actors, they often have to get used to being intimate with different cast members.

“I remember when I first started the show, I said to Michael Galvin, ‘It’s just so weird, I’ve slept with so many people’. And he just looked at me like, ‘Do you really want to come with me? ‘ ?'”

However, both Forrester and Piripi agree that the introduction of intimacy coordinators – who are responsible for overseeing romantic scenes on set – has made things a lot easier.

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“What I love about the intimacy is that we choreograph the kisses so that all the bad feelings are taken out because it’s like a stunt,” Forrester said.

Clare Dougan, who works as an intimacy coordinator for Shortland Street, said her role opens up communication between actors and crew, ensuring scenes are safe and repeatable.

“Just to make everyone aware of what the expectations are, how long the kiss will be, just to get really technical,” she said.

And while a 7pm time slot means things never get overly intimate, Dougan said there can be a wide variety of scenes that can fall under the role of an intimacy coordinator, not just sex scenes.

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“In other productions, bathing an elderly relative may fall under the umbrella of an intimacy coordinator.”

The panel also discusses which classic combination is the most iconic, the funniest intimate scenes, and whether fans ever judge them when they go out in public with their real life partners. And Sarah Wiseman stops by to discuss her time on the soap.

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