Rugged, collaborative devices boost mobile workers’ efficiencies

Quentin Davarne, MD, UCLA Wireless.

According to Emergence statistics, nearly 80% of the global workforce is “deskless,” i.e. workers who are mobile or employees who are not permanently in their office. The challenge is being able to communicate with them even while they are not in the office, particularly when a potential failure in communications has serious consequences, for example, in the healthcare sector, such communication could be the difference between life and death. The inability to communicate can also negatively affect revenue, efficiency, profitability, and more.

An increasing number of organizations are investing more in off-desk worker technology, for the purposes of improving productivity as well as the employee experience, increasing cost savings and improving the customer experience, explains Quentin Davarne, CEO and Managing Director, UC Wireless.

What was needed was a communications platform that could reliably use the organization’s WiFi to get around, but also could integrate and work directly with Microsoft Teams, which has become one of the de facto collaboration platforms, and which, through this technology, is now accessible to remote workers. Yet we recommend a solution that has a big screen and uses the Android platform to run apps — Teams now has an app for Android — but is still reasonably priced.”

Currently, DECT phones are widely used in industries that require a rugged phone, but require a dedicated network and come with the added pressure of maintaining integration with other platforms, such as Teams. This, again, is The reason we recommend a device that has Teams integration built into it.”

The right device must be rugged, reliable, and suitable for mobile communications across businesses of all sizes. That way, you can provide a solution that enables mobile workers to offer customers a seamless experience, while offering them a device as easy to use as their mobile phone, Davarn notes.

“It is essential to choose the right device to suit the environment in which it is used. So, for example, if it is used in a factory, it must be hardened and dust-proof; in healthcare, it must be robust enough to be cleaned and sanitized regularly; and in retail , it must be solid.

“No matter whether your business lies in manufacturing, mining, healthcare, construction, hospitality, education or any number of other industries, your people and employees can only be 100% efficient if they can always be contacted.” With access to a rugged device that also allows MS Teams to make calls or meetings, your productivity and efficiency should improve significantly.”

He adds that choosing the right mobility solution will also ensure access to security features that will give employees the confidence to work anywhere, anytime. This includes increased security for lone workers and the ability to alert relevant people if a lone worker is injured.

“There can be little doubt that the modern enterprise needs communications devices that are fit for purpose – both in terms of ruggedness and reliability and in their ability to collaborate through platforms such as Teams.

“Ultimately, device durability is key: the tougher it is, the less likely you are to have to constantly replace damaged hardware, which plays an important role in the total cost of ownership of a device. This factor, combined with access to a tool like MS Teams, means that workers able to stay in touch with the organization at all times, no matter how far they are on the move and away from their desk, and no matter if a business needs DECT or dedicated WiFi for calling; the latest mobile handsets released by Spectralink meet almost any requirement, especially the need for Direct Microsoft Teams integration without the need for session boundary controllers or other interoperability solutions that don’t work as well as full-featured direct Microsoft Teams integrations,” D’Avarn concludes.

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