Royal Mail driver caught on dashcam swerving past a pony in New Forest

Following the publication online of a dashcam video showing a delivery driver veering off the road to pass a New Forest pony, Royal Mail has opened an investigation.

Dashcam footage of a Royal Mail van has been posted online showing the driver overtaking a pony after overtaking the driver in front of him who had slowed to give the animal enough space.

The delivery driver was arrested on Tuesday, November 8 while driving through Minstead, New Forest by a member of the New Forest Communers Defense Association.

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They shared footage and posted a message reminding people who are driving through the new forest to drive to conditions in which they remember animals passing wide and slowly and preparing to stop.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said they were “very disappointed” to see the video posted to Facebook by the New Forest Commonwealth Advocacy Association.

The delivery company has launched an investigation into the accident.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “We are extremely disappointed to see this video, and are investigating what happened.

“Once our investigation is completed, we will take appropriate action internally.

It is not clear from the video how close our vehicle was to the horse, and we are glad this animal was not harmed or disturbed in any way.

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The safety of our drivers and other road users is a top priority for Royal Mail, and this includes our responsibilities under the new Forest Law.

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We regularly instruct our drivers that animals in the New Forest are free to roam and have the right of way, and we will reinforce that message to colleagues locally now.”

Angry viewers of the video posted comments on the video, with one saying, “Something needs to be done because some car and truck drivers don’t care about ponies or respect the fact that they drive in the woods.”

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Another commenter said, “Didn’t he think the car had stopped for some reason, what an idiot he would have been to pass him.”

Another said: “Disgusting. Royal Mail should sack the driver.”

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