Roger Federer said he was shedding tears when he realized his Wimbledon dream was over

Roger Federer has revealed that he knows his Wimbledon ambitions are over before 2021

Roger Federer revealed how he cried when he realized he would never win Wimbledon again.

The moment didn’t come this summer, it came in the lead-up to the championship in 2021.

The 41-year-old Swiss, who bid farewell to the tennis genius in the Laver Cup, had a painful collision with reality in Germany, where he played a preparatory tournament on grass.

Tears started flowing when he was beaten in the second round by Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime in Halle.

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Roger Federer has revealed that he knows his Wimbledon ambitions are over before 2021

“What I remember is when I lost to Felix I cried after the match and realized I wasn’t going to win Wimbledon,” he said. So I was realistic about my chances there. Once you’re in the moment, you’re trying to convince yourself at all costs, but I knew it was going to be really hard.

This was the prelude to his embarrassing exit from the All England Club, which saw him lose his last ever set 6-0 to Poland’s Hubert Hurkacz on center court. However, Federer chose to put a positive spin on that quarter-final defeat from four sets.

It was a great result I thought, given the conditions I had on my knee. The end of that match was one of the worst moments of my career because I was really horrified.

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It was over, the knee was gone, and then it was really hard to know I have to face the media right after that in such a short amount of time. But you know you can’t turn back time and go, “Oh, we should have changed this.”

Ultimately, his 41-year-old knee could no longer withstand the rigors of intense competition, which is why he pulled out Friday night with a doubles match playing alongside old rival Rafael Nadal.

Federer is calling for some time into his career after making his final doubles appearance alongside longtime rival Rafael Nadal.

Federer is calling for some time into his career after making his final doubles appearance alongside longtime rival Rafael Nadal.

He admitted that he sometimes wondered if he should opt for surgery on his right knee at all.

Maybe what could have happened was that I would have kept playing and then at some point he exploded. Which could have been much worse. Who do you know?

I’ve always said it’s the beginning of the end once you have the surgery. Obviously, the past three years have been very difficult with regards to these things. I want to be healthy for life. So it was definitely worth it.

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One of the things he’s looking forward to is finally being able to take part in a family ski vacation, something he’s always denied due to injury risks.

Federer dropped out of the race at 20 to see who could finish with the most Grand Slam singles titles among men, with Nadal at 22 and Novak Djokovic at 21 heading into 2023.

Interestingly, it challenges the orthodoxy that this type of account will never be threatened again. The main reason for this belief is that the surfaces used in tennis are more universal than they used to be, and tend toward the slow side, favoring basic play.

We never talked about 20. We always talked about maybe you could make it to 15. I believe more than ever that you can dominate all surfaces, and that’s because they all play the same thing. There are no longer dangerous batting and volleyball players on fast surfaces.

Federer is currently third in the men's all-time Grand Slam leaderboard with 20 victories

Federer is currently third in the men’s all-time Grand Slam leaderboard with 20 victories

I did a clinic here (at the O2 Arena) and asked how the stadium is. “Oh, it seems so slow.” There you are, welcome to my world. Everything is slow these days. Inside is not what it used to be. It wasn’t as if lightning was fast.

That’s why I think there will be more players in the future with five Slam titles. Because once you get a roll, you can stay on the roll. I think that at some point, one way or another, there will definitely be a few players with 20+ Peace Leagues, I’m convinced.

Federer remains optimistic about what’s coming to the game, provided the players don’t exaggerate the schedule for themselves.

“It’s a stressful and challenging sport. There is no doubt about it. I was very happy with what I saw at the US Open, some great matches.

Tennis always creates another great story when you delve into the players’ personalities. I watched (Francis) Tiafoe and (Carlos) Alcaraz in New York.

“I really enjoyed what I saw and am sure the future is bright for the game.”

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