Robust Sensors for Mobile Waste Disposal Applications

The ever-increasing trend of automation of mobile machines and heavy vehicles requires more advanced and efficient components, especially sensors which are expected to provide all required functions such as safety related data with perfect accuracy. These demands are often 24/7 and in challenging outdoor environments.

A good example is waste disposal vehicles that automatically lift and empty waste containers, for both industrial and domestic uses. To meet requirements for efficiency, operational safety and without incident, while also complying with current machine directives, sensors must interact with each other reliably to ensure the safety of both the operator and the system.

To meet these requirements, sensor and instrumentation specialist BAUMER has developed a suite of smart sensors that can help improve the performance of your mobile devices to ensure advanced automation across industry sectors such as waste, construction, agriculture and general material handling.

Waste disposal is an important part of a broader focus on ‘greener and more sustainable’ solutions and mobile vehicles that can automatically lift, empty and store waste containers are being deployed. With more than 150,000 systems installed across Europe, Villager Entsorgungssysteme is known in Switzerland as an expert in automated waste disposal systems including above-ground and underground containers, lifting and crane systems as well as mobile container cleaning systems.

The Speed ​​Lifter is one example that includes a specialized clutch to lift and load waste containers with fully automated and gentle handling. In their search for the perfect sensor, the manufacturer found what they were looking for in the Baumer kit.

The Baumer GCA5 Cable Transducer was one of the sensors chosen because it was designed for challenging outdoor applications and features a robust housing along with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel cable. The GCA5 is one of a wide range of powerful sensors, from tilt and boom angle sensors to presence checks and on-site feedback for moving parts, along with sensors to monitor load, hydraulic fluid levels and pressure.

Other sensors for mobile automation applications include those available as redundant variables and those designed to withstand strong shocks and vibrations while withstanding contamination and temperature fluctuations. These are E1 compliant with C5-M corrosion resistance and protection up to IP69K along with other ISO 13849 compliant sensors developed for functional safety applications.

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