Rishi Sunak should bin the EU law bill | Letters

Jonathan Friedland speculates that the failure of Liz Truss may have wiped out the radical “ideological project of a “low-regulated society” (Truss has warped high-octane free-market economics—perhaps forever, Oct. 20). If Conservative MPs agree, they will vote against the retained EU bill, which is due to be debated in the House of Commons on October 25.

This bill could repeal more than 2,000 laws that protect the environment, labor rights, consumer safety, and animal welfare. It will link governments and parliaments across the four countries in a costly and time-consuming review process. Its apparent purpose is to remove protectionism so that Britain becomes the free-market, low-regulatory country that some Brexiteers dreamed of in 2016.

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The past two months have shown that this is not the time for fancy politics. We need seriousness and stability. There is no support for fanning the flames of EU-derived laws, either from business or voters. Rishi Sunak should neglect the bill.
Shawn Towers
Executive Director, Green Alliance

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