Rishi Sunak ‘livid’ as row over Nadhim Zahawi tax affair hands gift to Labour | News

Rishi Sunak is said to be “furious” at Nadhim Zahawi amid mounting furore over the Conservative Party chairman’s tax affairs.

The prime minister distanced himself from Zahawi in the House of Commons yesterday after ordering an investigation by the independent ethics watchdog.

He is said to be frustrated that his colleague did not initially disclose that he had paid a fine for tax evasion as part of a settlement estimated at £4.7 million.

Sunak has not spoken directly to Zahawi since revealing details of his settlement with HM Revenue and Customs over the weekend. The Times has been informed that Sir Laurie Magnus will expedite the investigation and report within three weeks.

“Rishi is trying to do the right thing in terms of process, but he is doing it

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