Revel cheese knife has a solid design that can cut, slice, and saw all different kinds » Gadget Flow

Pack all your different knives and use Revel cheese knives instead. It’s one knife to chop them all up, chop them all up, and saw them all. No matter what kind of cheese you have, Revel can handle it. In fact, this knife combines different characteristics that allow it to satisfy the requirements of each cheese. Designed with a cross seam, its blade extends to the entire handle, ensuring durability. Then the points begin to cut and allow you to poke the cheese. And it has a smooth, double-edged blade that’s great for soft cheeses, sausages, etc. Next, the perforated blade saw works with fresh, brittle cheeses. This is because it keeps the cheese from sticking to the blade, but it also works for foie gras and bread. Finally, it has a hatchet for hard and aged cheeses!

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