Rainham restaurant encouraging customers to lock up their mobile phones and talk to each other

The restaurant will kick 20% off customers’ bills if they lock their phones in a locked “prison” on the table.

The initiative at Spice Fusion in Rainham aims to get people talking rather than looking at their screens.

Phone Jail at Spice Fusion in Rainham

Diners will receive a small cage with a lock and key.

The restaurant on Deanwood Drive came up with the idea after a chef at a London restaurant saw it.

Manager Rajeev Gupt said: “Our chef and his wife saw him in London and he suggested we do the same here.

“We often see people in the restaurant and see families come in with their phones.

“Two years ago, we had a large group come to lunch and I noticed something was different. When I watched them I realized they were all engrossed in talking to each other, and none of them had their phones in their hands.”

Director Rajeev Gupte wants to get people talking
Director Rajeev Gupte wants to get people talking

Rajeev took over as manager four years ago and wants to offer something different from a traditional Indian restaurant.

He dumped white table cloths and hand towels on the table and chocolates at the end of your meal.

Chef Abu Al-Hussein also presented some unusual dishes. Naan bread with stilton cheese is a huge hit, and the new spring menu, which launched on Monday, includes Yorkshire pudding filled with chicken tikka.

This week, the restaurant is launching Let’s Get Fishy Nights. Every Thursday he will be introducing a new seafood menu produced with Hales and Moore fishmongers in Rainham.

The restaurant also works with another local company, Ellinor’s Ice Cream which offers desserts.

Rajiv said he is a firm believer in being part of the local community.

During the lockdown, they cooked 8,000 meals and distributed them to needy families.

They recently held a fundraiser for Ukraine Aid Appeal and raised nearly £6,000.

“I think it’s really important to engage with the community,” said Rajiv.

The mobile offer is available every Monday for tables of four or more. To know more click over here Or call 01634 933123 to book.

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