Protesters come together outside Arrowe Park Hospital to ‘March with Midwives’

Midwives gathered outside Merseyside Hospital today as part of a major national campaign to tackle the crisis in the sector.

Midwives and their supporters have held large protests across the UK in the hope of raising awareness about the problems with the NHS service. Dozens held a protest outside Arrowe Park Hospital in the Wirral, and activists were calling on the government to address the problems they were facing.

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Campaigners say services across the UK are in a state of emergency, with more midwives leaving the workforce every year. The March campaign started with midwives as a grassroots project and an illusion Update their social media regularly with upcoming events.

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Despite the bad weather, about 50 people stood firm outside the hospital in the Wirral, holding signs that read: “Women are not broken, the system is broken.” Another wrote: “We are going through a midwife crisis.”

Midwives and health workers demonstrate outside Arrowe Park Hospital

One of the boys was holding a sign that simply said: “I love midwives.” Demonstrations were held in more than 30 towns and cities at 2pm on Sunday as midwives, healthcare professionals, parents and supporters gathered to show their support.

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The Royal College of Midwives is calling on the government to implement ‘crisis management and resources with urgency’ as they urge immediate action. RCM previously said: Not a day goes by that we don’t hear of a maternity service having to temporarily close, suspend services or transfer women to other maternity units simply because there are not enough midwives.

Midwives and health workers demonstrate outside Arrowe Park Hospital
Midwives and health workers demonstrate outside Arrowe Park Hospital

“This cannot continue because we know it threatens safety and means that women don’t always get the positive, safe pregnancy and birth experience that they should be having.”

The campaign group says maternity services across the country are in a “state of emergency” due to “dangerously low staffing levels”, unmet demands, working conditions and wages. Since records began in 2009, the number of midwives in the NHS in England has fallen year on year leaving an “overstretched and under-resourced workforce, putting women and childbirth at risk”.

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