Protecting athlete health in a warming world

The current issue of BJSM Includes the “IOC Consensus Statement on Recommendations and Regulations for Sports Events in the Heat”.1 This consensus statement includes sets of recommendations for international federations, event organizers, athletes, and the medical community to address heat-related safety concerns when staging sporting events. While the issue of exercising in the heat has historically been addressed by occupational and military physiological research, heat-related illnesses have become a major concern for sports activities in the recreational activities of elite athletes. Recent extreme weather events such as record high temperatures in October 2021 in France, the next host of the Summer Olympics, suggest that more and more athletes may be exposed to more and more heat. Global warming associated with climate change increases morbidity and mortality,2 With the victims of conventional strokes being children, the elderly and vulnerable population groups mainly.3 4 However, athletes are also susceptible to a specific heat-related illness called exertional heatstroke (EHS).5 EHS is…


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