Princess Anne gave Camilla the “cold shoulder” and reserved the role of the Queen

Princess Anne gave Camilla the "cold shoulder" and reserved the role of the Queen

A new book has revealed how Princess Anne initially gave Camilla the “cold shoulder” as she made a stark prediction of her sister-in-law’s future as Queen Consort.

Royal biographer Angela Levine has revealed new details of the Princess Royal’s strained relationship with Camilla in her new biography of The Queen’s Consort, in which she said Camilla found Anne’s “tepid demeanor difficult”.

In an excerpt from “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: A Royal Survivor,” Levine claims: “Like many people who did not know Anne well, Camilla found her tepid demeanor difficult and somewhat troubling to deal with. [at first]The Mirror reports.

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Levine claims that “Anne was, for many years, opposed to the idea of ​​giving Camilla the title Queen consort” – an inconvenient fact that may have shocked the former Duchess of Cornwall.

The Princess Royal once claimed that “Camilla will never be a real Queen,” according to the new book. The autobiography charts Camilla’s difficult path to becoming accepted by the royal family, and reveals how Princess Anne has “distanced” from the Queen “as much as possible” for years.

Royal biographer describes Anne and Camilla’s relationship as ‘particularly awkward’

“Princess Anne was said to have given Camilla a cold shoulder at first,” says Levine. “It was no consolation that the Princess Royal also had a frosty relationship with Diana, who did not have time before she married Charles, and with Sarah, Duchess of York.”

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Commenting on the royal couple’s past relationships, the expert continued: “Her relationship with Camilla was particularly embarrassing because they were both involved with Andrew Parker Bowles.”

Andrew Parker Bowles, a retired army officer, is the ex-husband of Queen Consort Camilla, but Princess Anne was also previously romantically linked with Bowles because they dated them in the 1970s.

However, the marriage was not meant to be between Bowles and the Royal Princess, as he was Roman Catholic, and thus their marriage was “out of the question” for the royal family.

Princess Anne and the Queen consort with Andrew Parker Bowles
Princess Anne and the Queen consort with Andrew Parker Bowles

Anne went on to marry Captain Mark Phillips in 1973, with whom she had two children, Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall – however, their marriage ended in divorce in 1992.

Camilla is now married to King Charles, and Camilla’s divorce from Bowles was finalized in 1995 after they lived apart for years. She has two children with her ex-husband, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopez.

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In her autobiography of the Queen, Levine wrote: “The Princess Royal has for many years been as far from Camilla as possible. However, time has shown that she is being treated, and Anne has seen for herself how hard Camilla has worked for the monarchy and her sense of duty.”

“Gradually, I became more flexible.” The royal biographer also claimed that Meghan Markle was “unresponsive” to Camilla’s advice and support when she first joined the royal family.

The explosive allegations come after news that Prince Harry “ignored” an invitation to dinner with Charles and William at Balmoral after Meghan was banned from joining the royal family on the day the late king died.

After a dispute between King Charles and Prince Harry After the monarch insisted that only members of the royal family would travel to Balmoral on the day the late queen died, Prince Harry’s arrival in Scotland is allegedly delayed because he missed an RAF flight taken by his brother William, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

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