Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton arrive in Northern Ireland – LIVE updates

What will they do at Trademarket?

After three years of planning, Trademarket began to bear fruit when Kainos, a Belfast-based software company, joined forces and introduced the site to the marketplace with a peppercorn rent.

The Prince and Princess will meet with representatives from the company to find out why they want to support the project and learn about some of the broader work the Kainos are doing to support the local community in Belfast.

Their Royal Highnesses will also stand behind the bar to try their hand at mixology, and compete against each other in a race to make the fastest cocktail, before meeting with vendors to see how Trademarket has helped their new business thrive.

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They will also hear about measures that have been put in place to ensure the site is ethically and environmentally sustainable, including the removal of single-use plastics and a commitment to paying employees real wages.

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