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Prince Philip was ‘hit’ by the heir apparent, Ms Glenconner says

The Crown Season 5 is in full swing, chronicling the highs and lows of the royal family in the ’90s. The events staged are still in living memory, however many royal experts have noted that some members of the company are noticeably absent from screens. Kinsey Schofiled, host of the To Di For Daily podcast, recently spoke to TalkTV presenter Christo Fouvas about it, and discussed in a segment posted on her podcast how Prince Harry barely appeared in the 10-hour cumulative installment.

Young actor Teddy Hawley plays the young Duke of Sussex and appears in select scenes with Diana, Princess of Wales (played by Elizabeth Debicki) and her sons.

Prince William is played by Senan West, the real-life son of Dominic West who is playing Prince Charles at the time, and appears in later episodes of the season.

Harry appeared briefly in season 4 of The Crown with his introduction to the early years of Diana and Charles’ marriage.

Played by Aran Tinker, the young prince can be seen in episodes 9 and 10.

In the latest series, Harry appears in the first episode, which sees Diana and Charles on their “second honeymoon” in Italy with their two sons.

“Harry mysteriously left,” said Mrs. Scofield. “So I take back what I said about him having no control,” to which Mr. Fouvas added: He gets a line in the first episode and then… Harry doesn’t exist. [Diana] It was possible to have one child only because you do not see it.

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Harry barely appears in the final season of The Crown Image credit: Getty Images

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Season 5 of the popular Netflix show dropped earlier this month (Image: GETTY)

Meghan and Prince Harry ‘starting to get nervous’ about the couple’s ‘longevity in Hollywood’

Their comments come amid speculation about an “arranged deal” between Netflix and the Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan Markle.

Despite widespread criticism of The Crown for its portrayal of real-life events, Harry and Meghan have chosen to continue working with the broadcast giant to produce a documentary series.

Jonathan Sacerdoti previously told Express.co.uk: “I wonder if one of the reasons Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not taken a firm stand with Netflix by refusing to offer their series is because it hasn’t changed that kind of approach towards The Crown.

“I wonder if it might be some sort of arranged, spoken or unspoken deal they have that will see them left alone in the crown if they give their version of their story.”

The Duchess of Sussex has confirmed that there is a series in production that, along with Harry, has been spotted with film crews. Speaking about the docuseries in a recent interview with Variety, she said, “It’s nice to be able to trust someone with our story.”

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Meghan and Harry filmed a documentary series (Image: GETTY)

And after months of uncertainty about the series’ release date, People reported that it will be available to stream in December.

Mr Sacerdoti said Meghan and Harry would thus be able to “complete the extra piece of the jigsaw puzzle” with their own series of events.

He said: “I certainly think it would be undesirable for Meghan and Harry to have recent events described in The Crown, I know the producers have said they’re not keen on moving forward to this day, but maybe that’s why they’re so keen on this Netflix series. The extra piece of the jigsaw puzzle in which he tells their story.”

However, the suggestion that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have any control over their portrayal in the royal drama has been disputed. A source described as a “L.A.-based Netflix cast member” claimed in an interview with The Sun in October that Harry not only has no say in what’s included in The Crown, he hasn’t been offered scripts or allowed to watch early screenings of season 5.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will step down from their senior royal roles in 2020 (Image: GETTY)

The source claimed, “The world might think that Prince Harry’s deal with us means he has some control over the company’s production, but that is not the case.” “He has a say in the content he produces for them, but outside of that the company remains independent. And one of the key aspects of that is the crown.”

No one knows if he thinks there will be some kind of saying when he comes to the table, but that was made clear early on [that] “The crown has no part of its powers,” they added.

And not only that, Harry has no input into the scripts or narration of the show either directly through [The Crown’s production company] Leftbank or indirectly through Netflix. There is no chance for him to send his thoughts or suggestions either.”

Despite his fleeting feature on the hit show, fans of The Crown praised Harry’s role, taking to Twitter to discuss a specific moment in the final season.

In the scene, Diana suggests they go shopping on their vacation; When Charles says no one else is interested in going, Harry speaks up, saying he would like to go with his mother.

“Baby Harry first defended his mother, Princess Diana, about ‘wanting to go shopping’ #thecrown,” one person wrote, while another said it was “nice to see that the show wrote something to show that Harry has always stuck for his mum.” And he was the first to do so.”

Royals in Spain

Harry shared a particularly close relationship with his mother (Image: GETTY)

A third person wrote: “Very beautiful. His supportive voice in the sea of ​​no-nos. Beautiful sight”, while a fourth wrote: “They showed Diana thanking him / calling him brave. #crown.”

It is not known if Harry will watch the latest installment of the show. He’s previously admitted to watching The Crown, and told James Corden that he understands the show for what it is — a scripted drama based on real-life events — and said he’d rather indulge in watching a fictionalized version of his family’s life on screen than consume fake information online.

“It’s fiction,” he said during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2021. “But it’s loosely based on fact. Of course, it’s not entirely accurate. I feel more comfortable with The Crown than I see written stories about my family or my wife.”

“[The Crown] It’s obviously a fantasy, take it how you will. But this is being reported as fact because you are supposed to be news. I have a real problem with that.”

He added that it shows a depiction of what it means to “put duty and service above family and everything else”.

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The Duke of Sussex has admitted to watching The Crown (Image: GETTY)

Royal writer Katie Nicholl has speculated that this season will be tough watching for both Harry and his older brother, and she told Entertainment Tonight last month that she expected the brothers to struggle watching some of the sensitive scenes featuring their late mother.

“I think this series is going to be very uncomfortable to watch, just not for [Queen Consort] camilla f [King] Charles but also for William and Harry. “The scenes that led to their mother’s death would be very upsetting for them.”

Nicole added: “This is a period in which they had to live in public. We’ve heard Harry talk about the very real impact on his life, and William too. So to kind of revisit that, even if it’s done tastefully… it’s very hard for William and Harry Re-raise this again.

“[There is] Feeling, really, that their mother’s ghost could never comfort them. I suspect [that] It’s still really, really hard for them.”

Similarly, Schofield argued that the fifth season would be particularly “uneasy” for the Prince of Wales, who appears more prominently in the show. She said: “You get so much about Prince William in this series that I imagine he’s very uncomfortable about it. That’s really where I felt some sympathy.”

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