Pinkbike Poll: Are You Shopping for MTB Deals on Black Friday?

Black Friday has never been my thing — I’m not a fan of rampant consumerism, and I hate malls, so there’s no real reason for me to find myself in line to fight for a new big-screen TV or other similarly silly electronic gadget. Watching people throw elbows as they try to snag the last must-have gift makes me worry more than usual about the future of the human race; It’s hard to imagine a peaceful and happy utopia when faced with a video of an angry mother hitting someone in the face with an expensive piece of plastic.

All of that said, a lot of people an act Shop around for good deals and great discounts this time of year, and for us mountain bikers, it can be a good time to go shopping. Just keep your hands to yourself, please.

The frenzied bike craze fueled by the pandemic has subsided, forcing online retailers and retailers alike to take stock of their inventories as winter sets in in the Northern Hemisphere. Low demand could mean big discounts are on the way, at least in cases where the retailer has been overly optimistic about its demand.

By the time you read this, I wish I was deep in the woods, miles away from any cash registers or computer screens. That’s good news for me, but it also means I don’t have any buzzy deals or Black Friday specials to share — I’ll leave that up to you, smart commenters. Think of it as crowd-sourced coupon hunting—where did you find the best prices for all things mountain bike-related?

Tell us in the comments – where do you find the best prices for all things mountain bike?

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