Pierce Brosnan doesn’t care who the next 007 will be, and he didn’t like the last

Pierce Brosnan, James Bond

Pierce Brosnan is back in a huge franchise. no, not this. Super hero. Brosnan will wear a robe and tights as Dr. Fate in Dwayne Johnson’s contribution to the DC Cinematic Universe, black Adam, as part of the American Justice Association. However, while making press rounds for black AdamOne of the subjects he will inevitably be asked about is Agent 007, James Bond. Various reports on the GQ UK interview given by the Irishman while promoting the DC movie. The former Bond had an indifferent attitude about the constant adventures of creative Ian Fleming.

When asked who he feels should take on the role now that Daniel Craig has finished his tenure, Brosnan replied, “Who should do that? I don’t care. It would be interesting to see who they would get, and who the guy would be. Whoever he is, I wish him well.” GQ UK highlighted the dryness of his response as “a tone that suggests maybe it’s not really interesting”.

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Brosnan will continue to add his feelings about Craig’s Bond in another GQ interview since the actor took over after his reincarnation. “I have great admiration for Daniel Craig and what he did. The physical strength he gave in the performance was phenomenal.” After that, Brosnan shared his personal opinions about the films themselves. “I saw the last one, and I saw ‘Skyfall’. I love the Skyfall movie. I’m not too sure about the last one. Daniel always gives his heart out. Very brave and very strong. But…” Brosnan has been tracking this comment and won’t put a stop to this comment.

Brosnan is not the only one who will inevitably have to answer these questions, as Craig himself will likely have to make statements as he promotes his upcoming events, Glass onions: Unlocking the mystery of the knives. Most recently, Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson, producers of the Bond film series, set out their goal of finding the new actor to step into the role. The actor that they’re going to have will have to fully understand the commitment it will take as Craig seemed to be dedicated from the start, only to get tired of it so much later. But broccoli will also go on to note that this is still a development “two years later.”

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black Adam hit theaters in October 21.

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