Pictures show amazing moment lightning bolt plunged Welsh town into darkness

Pictures show the horrific moment a town was plunged into darkness on Wednesday night after a lightning strike knocked out power in Bridgend. The photos, shared by resident Cal Williams, who lives in Maestig, were taken on Wednesday, November 23.

Sharing photos with WalesOnline, Cal explained how he first saw lightning strike the mountain overlooking his home. “Rain was a biblical thing, and I kept hearing the thunder and lightning, which was getting louder and louder, so I set my phone to record and waited to see what it picked up,” he explained.

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“Then during filming, everything took off and there was a huge flash followed by a huge thunderclap. The lights went out for a few minutes, then came back on. Then it lasted a little longer before the hailstones started to fall.”

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Cal Williams captured the amazing moment a lightning bolt knocked out power in Bridgend County

The best part, Cale said, was how the lightning lit up the entire property before plunging it into darkness

Cale said it was an “unforgettable night”. “I haven’t seen a night like this in years,” he continued. The best part was the light from the flashing lightning so bright it was almost blinding, and then everything suddenly turned black.

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“Car alarms and security alarms were going off. Then we watched the electricity being renewed in all the homes in a random order.”

Perfectly captured lightning

This was minutes before another lightning strike caused a power outage

After the strange event, Cale returns to his phone happy to find that his device has captured everything.

Cale was one of several residents in Bridgend County on Wednesday to report power outages in the storm, while residents of Newport, Merthyr Tydfil and Chepstow also experienced power outages.

Photographer Paul Young, who managed to capture the image of the lightning above his Cardiff Bay home, said: “I didn’t have to wait long. The initial lighting lit up the house. The peals of thunder rattled the windows and that was when I decided to take a look. Luckily I have a covered porch.”

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Near Builth Wells on the A470 a small tornado downed a row of trees on the main road causing the road to be closed until Thursday afternoon.

After more torrential rain throughout Thursday, experts are confident the forecast is more pleasant on Friday, with sunny spells and a moderate breeze for most of the morning and afternoon.

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