Parent who claims he’s ‘hot dad on school run’ knocked down a peg by savage mums

The overbearing parent who claimed to be the “hot dad” over the course of school” was soon dropped a hook or two by several wild moms. TikTok user warfordd posted the deceptive video with the caption “some of your moms are thirsty,” hinting that he’s getting a lot of attention Of the mothers at the school gates.

However, the clip didn’t exactly get the response it was looking for, and hundreds of moms soon responded to the suggestion — noting that dating is the last thing on their minds during the morning rush.

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In the video, he pretends to take pictures, supposedly taken by his school-loving fans. However, other parents were less impressed and quickly set the record straight in the comments section, the Mirror reports. One person wrote: “As a mom who runs a school, I’m sorry to say, we’re not looking, we have at least 5 other things on our minds when leaving the kids!”

Another mom said, “The school race is the last place anyone looks. After wrestling the kids out, all we do is throw them through the gates and get to work.”

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A third said, “We’re not, but we’ll probably all have a good laugh about it while saying how appropriate a tutor would be instead.” While some people complimented TikToker on his looks and self-confidence, others were embarrassed by the video.

Another replied, “The self-declared confidence is high.” Another person wrote: “I’m so embarrassed.” Of course, we shouldn’t say that people should never be ridiculed for their looks — and self-confidence is a wonderful thing. But still, people were shocked by the video and the comments quickly went viral.

“It didn’t happen the way you thought it would, did it?” someone asked, and another commenter joked that the “hot daddy” needed to “behave.” But another respondent said, “I watched this and was like ‘I really get to know him’ and then I realized our boys used to go to the same school glad you’re still the ‘hot daddy’.”

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