Oz Forensics expands biometrics market presence in South America with Mototech partnership

US-based biometrics expert Oz forensics It joined forces with technology partner Mototech to expand its market presence in South America.

After the start of the collaboration, Oz Forensics services will be added to Mototech’s offering, making them available to customers in various countries in the region.

These will include biometrics, as well as on-device activity detection and shutdown capabilities to counter phishing and presentation attacks.

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“Already this year we announced our intention to move into the LATAM market, and this marks a tangible step forward in our business,” says Artem Gerasimov, CEO of Oz Forensics.

According to the CEO, preventing and identifying biometric fraud is one of the key elements of the company’s strategy. All their systems are said to be ISO and IBETA NIST Level 1 and 2– Certified and can quickly and accurately distinguish between a fake and a real person.

“This is a great addition to the services Mototech already offers to its customers,” concludes Gerasimov.

Pablo Abdan, CEO, Inc Mototicechoing Gerasimov’s words, adding that he sees great value in implementing solutions in the Latin American market.

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“We provide certified biometric solutions, top-level technical support and deep technical expertise along with Oz Forensics to help our customers get the most out of products,” Abedian adds.

Going forward, the companies say they will increase the level of integration of their biometric technologies with additional facial recognition services to further reduce fraud.

Oz Forensics will discuss the Mototech partnership in more detail at Free webinar (in Spanish) on December 14.

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It comes after two months of the company Launch a new partner program To facilitate business adoption of biometrics.

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