Owen Warner breaks silence after Love Island’s Lana Jenkins outs him as her ex

Owen Warner has broken his social media silence after Lana Jenkins shared how the pair were an item on Love Island last night. Channel 4 Hollyoaks star Owen used to date Lana, who is looking for love at the villa in South Africa.

Lana shared who her famous ex was during a game of Never Have I Ever. Owen returned to Instagram on Tuesday, after the episode aired, filming himself after a sweaty run.

He said, “I feel totally devastated. Look how sweaty I am, dudes!” The ITV I’m A Celebrity star added: “Looks like I’ve been out in the rain and it’s not even raining there – I look like a shadow of myself.

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“Why am I doing this? What am I doing to myself?” Lana wouldn’t disclose the name if she owned it, only saying her ex was “an actor.”

But that wasn’t enough for Ron Hall and since the two chatted outside the group, he put Lana on the spot. When she finally confirmed it was Owen she was referring to, Ron responded, “So basically I’m competing with someone who just finished second on a big show and who’s an actor and I work in finance.”

He added: “Yeah, um, sick. This is amazing.” Ron was eager to know how serious their relationship was and asked Lana, “Do you love him?” and after she just gave him a clumsy grin, he said, “You did, didn’t you?”

On Twitter, @naxnaznk1 said, “Owen Warner is FIT. Lana has game.” @fruitrrys commented “LANA DATE OWEN WARNER? WHAT THE F***.”

@hcIIyoaks wrote: “OWEN WARNER AND LANA???? iconic.” And @libbyfisherr said “Owen Warner is Lana’s ex wtffffff my jaw dropped.” Love Island continues to air every weekday from 9pm on ITV2 and also on ITVX.

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