OnlyFans couple making £30,000 a month forced to move family home after neighbours found out

A couple earning £30,000 a month on OnlyFans had to move their family to a farm when neighbors found out. Sarah Blake, 31, and her husband Matt Cheek, 38, began sharing candid videos and photos on OnlyFans in November 2020.

When the local community found out, the family raised sticks with children Chandler, 10, Camden, nine, Corey, seven, and Carson, three. Sarah said, “I was devastated.

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“I’ve always felt very comfortable with my sex life, and if people want to pay to see it, why not let them go? I want to inspire other women who are in love with sex. I love it and enjoy it. I don’t consider it a bad thing.”

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“I broke down and cried,” Sarah said. They have since moved to live on a six-acre farm five miles down the road and a school for their children at home.

Sarah added, “Matt will take the kids on a field trip or wait until they fall asleep and create content at night. We spend about six hours a day creating content. We have made it a positive experience for them.

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“My career has evolved beyond OnlyFans and I have worked alongside ESPN Radio and interview football players. You have to take something negative and make it positive.”

Sarah said, “I’ve always felt that it’s important for me to be honest with them, to build that relationship of trust. And when they’re older I’ll explain things to them.”

She added, “I’ve been bullied and discriminated against because of my career. What I do doesn’t affect others. Women who love sex.”

“I have overcome a lot. I will continue to be a driving force in this industry,” she said. I want to be an example for other moms so they can embrace who they are. We don’t get a brochure when it comes to motherhood – it’s okay to write whatever you want.

“I don’t have any friends, we are alone and we feel no support. I felt confused and that made me angry. I’m ok with talking about me but people have to have that conversation behind your closed doors. I feel very lonely and isolated.”

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