Nottingham Forest vs Manchester United LIVE highlights and reaction as Fernandes, Weghorst and Rashford score

Manchester United marked their return to the City Ground with a 3-0 win against Nottingham Forest on Wednesday night.

United went down 3-2 to Arsenal this weekend, but Erik ten Hag insisted performance was ‘lagging behind’ in preparation for the League Cup first leg against Nottingham Forest, which has continued to improve in recent weeks.

Ten Hag’s prediction proved true as United recorded a stylish 3-0 win against Forest in the first leg of the semi-final thanks to goals from Marcus Rashford, Wout Weghorst and Bruno Fernandes, effectively ending the tie.

The second leg will be played at Old Trafford on February 1, but a trip to Wembley already seems inevitable for United.

Ten Hag has a huge chance to win a trophy in his first season as leader and end the club’s trophy drought.

A summary of the events of the City Ground.


United player ratings vs Forest as Rashford and Martinez good

David deGa

Well beaten for the disallowed goal and made a straight stop from Gustavo Scarpa’s volley. 6

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Not particularly present in the attack and was slowed down by Brennan Johnson. Had a quieter second half. 6

Victor Lindelof

A respectable return on his first start in three weeks and grew in play in his reunion with Lisandro Martinez. 7

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That’s the full-time whistle here.

United win the first leg in style.

90′ – NFO 0-3 MUNStephen Railston

Add three minutes

That’s definitely the tie that broke.

Wembley beckons.



Fernandes thumps home to make it 3-0.

Good job by Elanga for setting it up.

85′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Elanga is coming

Weghorst OFF.

Elanga ON.

83′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Almost a fine

Pellistri was booked for a foul just outside the penalty area.

That was lucky.

81′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Elanga is coming

The winger is ready to reach the final phase.

78′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston


Pellistri with a nice cross but Weghorst cannot produce the finish

75′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Very comfortable

Forest had a period in the first half, but they were poor.

This was very comfortable for United.

72′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

An opportunity for Pellistri

This is only his second appearance since signing for the club in October 2020.

He made his debut against Charlton earlier this month with an impressive cameo appearance and he has 20 minutes here to make a statement to the manager.

70′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

The changes are made

Eriksen and Antony OUT.

Fred and Pellistri ON.

69′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Fred and Pellistri are coming

More changes will be made.

66′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

An excellent result

Having a two-goal lead going into the second leg at Old Trafford is huge and it certainly feels like United already have one hand in the final at Wembley, which is likely to be against Newcastle.

64′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Lingard is coming

Jesse Lingard plays and he was applauded by United fans as he took the field

63′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston


Scarpa attempts a volley at the back post, but Wan-Bissaka blocks.

Defend well.

60′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

A rare mistake by Casemiro

Casemiro has his pocket squeezed on the edge of the box, but Gibbs-White’s shot is poor.

59′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Rashford should be fine

A medical staff member reported to Rashford, but he sat back down and watched from the bench.

57′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Rashford comes loose

Rashford OUT.

Garnacho ON.

55′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Garnacho is coming

The first chance of the match will be made.

53′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Eriksen hits the bar

Another chance for United, as Eriksen hits the crossbar with a curling.

52′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston


Danilo shoots from about 25 yards out, but he is easily picked up by De Gea.

51′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Malacia with the overlap again

He was full of energy and just played a cross to Fernandes, who swept at the ball.

Good job from Rashford and Malacia on the left.

48′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston


A bet by Weghorst is blocked by McKenna, who slips late.

47′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Garnacho sent to warm up

We could see the wing attacker sooner or later in this half.

Many predicted he would start tonight.

45′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

We’re on our way again

Here we go – no changes during the break.

HT – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

WATCH: Weghorst scores his first goal

HT – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

WATCH: Rashford scores the opener

HT – NFO 0-2 MUNSamuel Luchurst

Half-time assessments

And here are your interim reviews…


One clear stop. 6


Little presence in the attack. 6


Reasonable returns so far. 6


Key role in first goal. 7


Careless. 5


Major role in second goal. 7


Still not at its best. 6


Much better. 7


Could be better. 5


Good goal but passing choice questionable. 7


Beautiful accents and a goal. 7

HT – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston


That’s the whistle for the break.

45′ – NFO 0-2 MUNStephen Railston

Added two minutes

Almost half-time.

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