No Man’s Sky player makes a free base-building app inspired by Townscaper

One No Man’s Sky player has created a standalone app that allows you to create bases by moving parts together, snapping together, and coloring parts ready to slide directly into the game. The base-building app on NexusMods was launched by tech artist Charlie Banks, and he used it to create a giant robot that looked a bit like the Iron Giant sitting on the ground. Banks compares the simplicity of the basic building app to Oskar Stålberg’s procedurally created Townscaper, though it feels more complex than that.

The recent update to No Man’s Sky’s Waypoint 4.0 was the biggest update to the game to date.

The rule building app supports both import and export, so you can tinker with your existing No Man’s Sky rules as well as compile some new creative ones. My favorite example Banks gives is a giant Christmas tree, complete with lights, smack smack in the middle of the base of the hill. I don’t tend to get into the spirit that early usually, but seeing this made me remember to keep up with my festive shopping. App seems to have I drew attention From Sean Murray, also from Hello Games.

The Banks core builder app is a standalone offering from previous work developing a similar plug-in for the 3D modeling tool Blender. It allows you to select the parts you want from the asset browser and place them in the base of your selection under construction. All you need after that is the No Man’s Sky save editor and the game. Banks says to expect some bugs because the mod is still relatively new, and presets and power management aren’t included yet. You can have a look at the basic construction application of banks in action below:

No Man’s Sky is available on Steam, GOG and the Microsoft Store for £40 / $60 / €55. PC Game Pass subscribers can download it through this. If you want to build your own with the Banks app, you can find it here.

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