Nintendo Goodies Up For Grabs In Playtonic’s Charity Auction For SpecialEffect

Photo: Playtonic

The cool folks at Playtonic Games, developer behind Yooka Laylee, Yooka Laylee, Impossible Lair and publisher of Demon Turf, BPM: Bullets Per Minute and Lil Gator Game will hold a charity auction this coming Friday, October 7, to raise money for their “One Special Day” event for… SpecialEffect.

Special Effect is a UK based UK based charity that was founded and established in 2007 to help physically challenged children play video games. Organization is a pillar in the gaming accessibility space and has been part of the reason for creating consoles that can use inputs from any part of the body, among many other things.

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Playtonic will be running several fundraisers on October 7th, including the aforementioned charity auction. All kinds of items created and donated by game developers will be ready for grabs, and all money will go to SpecialEffect. What a nicer way to get some exclusive stuff than to donate money to charity?

One prize will be a Tricky image from Star Fox Adventures drawn by artist and original voice actor Kev Bayliss who now works at Playtonic along with other former Rare developers.

‘One Special Day’ is an annual event from SpecialEffect where charity partners come together to raise money for the charity – you simply buy a cup or a mobile game, and the money will go to giving all the kids the access they need to play games.

Auction starts October 7. On the day, you’ll have access to Playtonic’s GalaBid page, where you can bid on any items you want to get. You can learn more about “One Special Day” on the SpecialEffect website or by watching the organization’s video:

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