New personalised cancer medicine company moves in at The London Cancer Hub’s Innovation Gateway

Curesponse, a personalized cancer medicine start-up, has become the latest MedTech company to move into The London Cancer Hub’s Innovation Gateway in Sutton, South London.

Curesponse has developed a platform for evaluating drug response and guiding personalized cancer treatments for cancer, based on technology that emerged from research at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

The company will become part of a growing innovation ecosystem developing at The London Cancer Hub, joining fellow tenants of Innovation Gateway Vesynta – a start-up that delivers personalized dosing based on drug exposure measurements – and The Exercise Clinic, a company that offers physical therapy and exercise regimens for cancer patients.

Other organizations on the ground at The London Cancer Hub include The Institute of Cancer Research – which is co-leading The London Cancer Hub project with the London Borough of Sutton – The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, and Harris Academy Sutton, a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) specialized high school.

Evaluate drug response

Curesponse describes its patented cResponse™ technology as a unique ‘genomic-functional’ platform for evaluating drug response in patient tumor tissue.

The cResponse™ platform combines rapid genomic sequencing with a functional assay that preserves tissue architecture and microenvironment, enabling the prioritization of different therapeutic options for cancer patients.

The technology is already CE marked and approved for marketing in several countries. The company also runs a multi-centre clinical program in London with Imperial College London, The Royal Marsden and other leading cancer centres.

The London Cancer Hub

The London Cancer Hub aims to create the world’s leading district for cancer research, treatment and commercial ventures. Ultimately, the project will create an estimated 7,000 jobs in the life sciences sector and contribute an estimated £1.2 billion a year to the UK economy.

The Innovation Gateway is the flagship of The London Cancer Hub’s innovation space and consists of a mix of modern state-of-the-art laboratories, breakout areas, hot desks, offices and kitchens.

The building is meters from the £75 million Center for Cancer Drug Discovery, home to ICR’s teams of expert scientists who have made it the world’s most successful academic unit for oncology drug discovery.

More companies are expected to announce soon that they will be renting from the Innovation Gateway.

Curesponse is one of many new users of the Innovation Gateway, but there is still some lab and collaboration space available. Companies interested in taking up space can contact Andy Carr, the ICR’s business development lead for The London Cancer Hub, or Ciara Hanson, head of the London Cancer Hub program in the London Borough of Sutton.

Professor Kristian Helin, Chief Executive of The Institute of Cancer Research, London, said:

“We are very excited to welcome Curesponse as part of the first wave of new entrants to the Innovation Gateway, where they will join a growing community of start-ups and spin-outs. It is often at the interfaces between research disciplines or sectors that major breakthroughs are made – and we hope that companies such as Curesponse, in collaboration with the ICR and our other partners at The London Cancer Hub, help drive real step-changes in the creation and delivery of cancer treatments.”

Councilor Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council, said:

“It is fantastic news that Curesponse has joined the London Cancer Hub. Their research can help patients get the exact treatment they need. We look forward to seeing them work with partners in the London Cancer Hub district to drive technological advancements in the fight against cancer.”

Guy Neev, Chief Executive Officer of Curesponse, said:

“We are very excited to be joining The London Cancer Hub and working with The Institute of Cancer Research to advance cancer care and research in the UK. Our combined genomic-functional platform has already been used by dozens of cancer researchers and global pharmaceutical companies and we look forward to making this platform available to cancer researchers and pharmaceutical companies in London.

“We are especially excited to help oncologists make better therapeutic decisions for their patients and The London Cancer Hub is a great place to make this vision a reality.”

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