New Mint Mobile Ad Featuring Ryan Reynolds Is ‘Kid Tested, Dad Approved’

Ryan Reynolds appeared in a new advertisement for Mint Mobile to promote the brand’s lower monthly rates. To demonstrate its commitment to keeping these rates low, the brand eschewed professional directors — opting instead to have the ad shot by one of Reynolds’ young children.

Ryan Reynolds stars in a new advertisement for Mint Mobile

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Mint Mobile and Ryan Reynolds are back again. This time, the now-ubiquitous actor blends a message of thrift with the endearing antics of a young child behind the camera.

In the ad, Reynolds appears in front of a green screen, unshaven and fairly dressed (at least by Hollywood standards). The footage is shaky, as if the photographer had a few drinks before filming. Reynolds goes on to explain the reason behind the unusual setup: “At Mint Mobile, we’re always looking for innovative ways to save money,” he says. “That’s why instead of hiring an expensive director for this commercial, we found someone willing to work for candy and approval.” Then the camera angle drops, as if the operator’s attention was captured by some kind of bright, indefinite object. “Hey, sweetie,” Reynolds says gently, “Daddy’s face is here.” The child faithfully returns the camera to its original position with a laugh.

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Mint Mobile states that their new ad is “Baby tested, dad approved.” It’s an extension of the brand’s core mission of offering wireless service to its customers for $15 a month.

Ryan Reynolds has recently become a common sight in the advertising world. In December 2021, he appeared alongside Sir Richard Branson to announce a new partnership between American airline Elgin and Branson’s Virgin Voyage. Around the same time, his voice was also featured in a Peloton tongue-in-cheek commercial that featured actor Chris Noth. Reynolds is also the chief creative officer of MNTN (pronounced “Mountain”), a company that “builds ad programming for brands to drive measurable conversions, revenue, site visits, and more through the power of television.” Reynolds took over as head of public relations after the company acquired Maximum Effort Marketing, an agency Reynolds co-founded in 2018. MNTN also acquired QuickFrame — a video production platform — earlier this week.

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