Netflix users urge 1899 viewers to turn off feature that’s ruining new series

Netflix users may struggle to understand a new series unless they change a specific setting.

Earlier this month, a new mystery series titled 1899 It was released on the streaming service.

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The show follows an international group of characters who are forced to solve an infernal mystery after discovering a missing ship while at sea.

Created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the duo behind the popular German series darkThe show features many different languages, ranging from Spanish and French to Cantonese.

Due to the subtitles, some viewers may have decided to watch it with the English dubbed audio – however, be warned, this could make the already complex series even more confusing.

Thsoe who enjoyed 1899 ‘The twist and turn with the subtitles cautions people against watching with a dub function, as this will alter the nuances of what Friese, who wrote the series, meant with the script.

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This is due to the inclusion of several language scales, which creates a barrier for characters on the ship who may not understand what others are saying.

At one point, when subtitles are withheld from viewers, main character Maura says to Emily Beecham, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” But dubbing involves translating the line that the script wanted to hide from the viewers.

The dub also incorrectly translates some lines.


Viewers have also pointed out that he dubs English to characters who actually speak English.

If you’re watching subtitled shows with audio overlay, you can turn it off by clicking the speech bubble icon and selecting “English [CC]”.

In a feature about the possibility of renewing the offer, The IndependentJacob Stolworthy praised the show for its twists and turns, but warned that Netflix’s mishandling of great shows could affect its future.

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