Netflix fans concerned new non-linear series will be just like another Netflix film

A new Netflix series that can be watched in any order has fans worried that it might be like another streaming movie.

The series in question is kaleidoscopeAnd the An eight-episode non-linear anthology that focuses on a heist and promises a “uniquely immersive experience”.

Spanning 25 years, it follows a team of masterful thieves as they attempt to break into a highly protected vault to get their hands on as much as $7 billion.

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But betrayal, greed, and other threats put a wrench in the actions of the leading characters.

Each episode is named after a color, for example, pink, white, yellow, and green.

No matter what sequence you follow, you’ll still have a story that makes sense.

Executive Producer Russell Fine said: “When you watch kaleidoscopeAll the information is there to be able to connect the dots and tell the story.”

Kaleidoscope lands on the streaming platform in January. Credit: Netflix

Although it’s a unique concept and an exciting premise, some fans worry that it might be too similar. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

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To refresh your memory, the Charlie Brooker movie premiered on Netflix in 2018, providing a groundbreaking interactive piece.

Set in 1984, it follows a young programmer named Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) who plans to turn a multiple-choice book into a computer game.

Much like the book, viewers can make choices along the way as to how the story goes, which means an episode can run anywhere between 40 minutes and two and a half hours.

Then there were those who felt bad about Stefan being forced to make some dodgy life choices – including murder.

With this in mind, some worry that they will have to do the same when kaleidoscope drops next year.

In response to a story about the new series, a person wrote on Twitter: “God not this again, still recovering from it Bandersnatch. “

Another said, “The concept looks nice.” “I hope you don’t suffer fate Bandersnatchwhich I absolutely loved.”

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Some people worry that the series will be too similar to Bandersnatch.  Credit: Twitter
Some people worry that the series will be too similar to Bandersnatch. Credit: Twitter

But not everyone was worried, including this person who said, “Yet Bandersnatch I’m willing to try this out.”

where kaleidoscope differs from black mirror The advantage is that it offers an entire interactive series instead of just one movie.

If you’re keen to give it an hour, the series will hit Netflix on January 1, 2023 – and this is your New Year’s Day show.

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