Nearly 100 Russian Soldiers Killed in Makiivka Strike, BBC Russian Confirms

More Russian soldiers have been killed in the Ukrainian New Year’s strike in a temporary barracks in Russian-occupied Makiivka than officially confirmed, the Russian BBC reports. reported Wednesday.

Russian journalists from the BBC used open-source data to verify the identities of 92 Russian soldiers killed in the attack, the outlet said.

Another 16 soldiers who were in the makeshift barracks in the eastern Ukrainian city at the time of the attack are missing.

Russia’s defense ministry has admitted the deaths of 89 troops, the highest reported loss since Russia invaded Ukraine last year, while blaming the soldiers for inadvertently revealing their location to Ukrainian forces.

Relatives quoted by BBC Russian said most of the killed soldiers had been called up as part of President Vladimir Putin’s “partial” mobilization last fall.

They spent the next two months training in the Samara region of central Russia and were deployed to Makiivka on December 26, less than a week before the Ukrainian attack.

Funerals for the mobilized soldiers in Makiivka began on January 7 and continued over the following days.

In all, more than 12,200 soldiers have been killed in the 11 months since they were ordered to invade Ukraine, according to BBC Russian.

The Russian military last updated its death toll for the war in Ukraine in September 2022, when it said fewer than 6,000 soldiers had died.

BBC Russian, in conjunction with independent news website Mediazona, uses official statements, social networks and media reports – in addition to volunteers guarding cemeteries in dozens of Russian cities and towns – to compile the number of soldiers killed in Ukraine.

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