Mysterious 43GB Warner Bros. Game Discovered On The Xbox Store

We often find ourselves reporting a Twitter account Aggiornamenti Lumia Here at Pure Xbox, scanning the Microsoft Store for yet-to-be-released listings, I came across something mysterious related to Warner Bros. games.

A new title has been spotted in the Xbox Store under the codename “MetCat”, with the platforms described as just Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The file size appears to be 43.43GB, and you can see a screenshot of the list below:

So, what could this be? The most likely answer is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Leaguewhich is currently scheduled for release in spring 2023, but others have suggested it may be the new release Wonder Woman Or maybe a new game Mortal Kombat or unfairness The title is from NetherRealm Studios.

It may take a while until we find out what this is for sure, but then again, The Game Awards 2022 is only two weeks away now, so maybe we’ll see something new from Warner Bros. games. at the event? Let’s hope so.

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